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2280 South Jones Blvd Las Vegas, Nevada 89146  PH: 702-359-0848
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Debbie Veach Usui, Karuna and Holy Fire R.M.T./Tun
(Founder of Enchanted Forest Reiki Center) Licensed Reiki Master/Teacher     (702) 338-4511
Debbie, was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada where she graduated with honors.

From the time she was a little girl her parents promoted the belief in working with your aura, angels, spirits, masters and guides, and in energy interpretation for healing purposes.

Debbie did aura exercises daily to enhance and spread love and light from the time she was a small child, as shown to her by her parents.

Around the age of 7, the family's psychic teacher told Debbie and her parents that Debbie would someday become a major healer, but Debbie didn't fully comprehend what that meant at the time.

Several years later around the age of thirteen, while Debbie slept in her bedroom, she was suddenly awakened by a strange noise which sounded like electrical wires popping and shorting out right by her bed. Debbie looked up and saw a magnificently beautiful bright white light with hues of purple beaming a few feet above her coming out of nowhere extending the entire length of her body. The light beam was hitting her bed post, and sparks were flying off in every direction.

Debbie wasn't scared at all, instead she knew it was a deep angelic presence and decided to sit up and try to talk with it, but the second she moved the light instantly vanished.

Incidents like these happened in Debbie's childhood home frequently.

As an adult Debbie was told again by psychics on several occasions she would someday become a highly gifted healer. Debbie never knew what to make of it, since the only thing she knew how to do was see someone's aura.

After several years of working at various jobs, Debbie was talked into working at a local mortuary to do grief work with families, and help them with pre-planning needs. This would prove to be the first job in which Debbie felt she was doing a form of healing work by helping surviving family members and friends deal with their grief.

Debbie's vibrant, loving and compassionate personality was a perfect fit for the job. Debbie stayed with the mortuary for several years before she felt she needed to leave the industry and try to help families before the death of a loved one rather then afterward.

Debbie felt she wanted to help people plan for unexpected illness or injuries, because it was evident that far too often people lost everything trying to financially support a loved one whom had fallen ill or was seriously injured.

Debbie began representing a well known supplemental insurance company, and was an instant success, servicing her clients whenever they had questions or claims. But a few years into selling the supplemental insurance Debbie started to experience her own serious health issues, as did her husband.

Fortunately for Debbie she'd purchased the policies she sold, which kept Debbie's family financially afloat throughout their health struggles. But Debbie realized that insurance policies couldn't relieve the unrelenting illness that plagued her or her husband for what would end up to be the next 4 1/2 years.

The doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong. Instead all they did was prescribe medicine, debilitating Debbie all the more with their side effects.

Finally Debbie felt she had nothing to lose by seeking out alternative medicine. She was referred to a phenomenal holistic practitioner who was heavily skilled in energy healing and holistic medicine. Unbelievably after just a few weeks of being under the care of this holistic practitioner, Debbie's health improved dramatically.

Her husband's illness had already been diagnosed by this point, and he was recovering well from a major surgery. Now Debbie too was seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

This was a massive turning point in her life, as Debbie felt an overwhelming desire to help others heal as she did, and she submerged herself into the world of energy healing.

Debbie took a Reiki class and fell passionately in love with it. Furthermore, she was incredibly gifted with it, having natural abilities far greater then the standard new Reiki student.

From that point on there was simply no looking back. and Debbie pursued energy healing as her life path, just as had been told to her she was destined to do in childhood.

It was obvious Reiki as well as additional forms of energy healing, was the kind of healing work Debbie was brought into this world to do.

Debbie found herself not only taking additional Reiki classes, eventually becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher but she started reading about other forms of energy work of which there are thousands, including Shamanic techniques, the energy realms of the ten sephirot noted in Kaballah, chakra's and other techniques.

Since opening Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, Spiritual Items 'n More, Debbie has also become a certified practitioner of Karuna Reiki, Holy Fire, Angel Path Healing, Tuning Forks, MTVSS Access, Energetic Face Lift Practitioner, Seraphim Blueprint, Shaman Techniques, Huna, Bars Access and more.

Debbie opened Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, Spiritual Items 'n More in 2011, renting a single 110 square foot office space doing Reiki. Since then, Debbie has expanded Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, 6 times in 5 years to what is now their current location with nearly 4,000 square feet.

Spirit has encouraged Debbie daily, to trust in the "I AM" energies of universal love and light.

Debbie's journey into the path of healing within, and healing others, remaining authentically vested in empowering others to heal and to grow as well, has enabled her to meet phenomenal teachers and healers whom also do sessions and teach at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.

The magical energy of Debbie as well as the center itself is truly "Enchanting". Debbie warrants the growth of the center to not only herself but the dedication of the community of healers, teachers and clients whom are realizing the absolute necessity to expand your thinking beyond your mind, your hearing beyond your ears and your love beyond your heart.

Debbie hopes to continue to learn as many different forms of energy healing work as possible, and merge it with Reiki, while in turn sharing her knowledge and gifts with practitioners and clients at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center L.L.C..
Rev Christine Brisco
Usui and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki Master &Teacher/Theta/Tong Ren/Angelic Shaman
Christine is a gifted Spiritual Energy Worker from across the pond. She was born in England and moved to the US 11 years ago. She is on her Spiritual Path helping people relax so they can activate their own healing abilities.

She is constantly looking at new energy modals so she can provide individualized healing that best suits each particular client.

Once a week for four hours she donates her time at the Caring Place which specializes in providing energy services to cancer patients and their care givers. Seeing many of her clients go into remission has provided her with the passion to want to touch as many people as she can and share her abilities.

Christine's philosophy is that this is the year of coming together and that energy healing is to be shared with the world.
Holly Early
Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Holly's healing path began at a very young age when her life was saved due to a very unlikely set of circumstances.

Holly has been coached in healing from childhood by her Native American Grandmother, who's traditions were passed down to her by her grandmothers.

Holly's grandmother insists her life was not saved, but she chose to stay here to help people.

Holly has spent her adult life healing both within and outside of the medical field.

It is her sacred life goal to help people feel better, become empowered, regain contact with their spirit selves, and bring to consciousness their own true gifts .

Holly is a Reiki Practitioner, a skilled tarot card reader, Licensed Minister, and Licensed Nurse.
JarieLyn Robbins
Usui Reiki/Holy Fire Master
Hi, I’m JarieLyn!
I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing team.
My spiritual journey really began when I saw my first spirit at the age of seven. Since then, I have been constantly evolving which has led me to the wonderful modality of Reiki.

I’ve been a nurturer my entire life so it’s exciting that I get to be a conduit for energy healing. By allowing myself to be an open channel, I am able to be of service to others in a positive way.

My intention is to help your body and mind to relax as well as to help improve mental and spiritual clarity for your highest and greatest benefit. I/we invite you to come and experience the beautiful, loving, healing energy that is divine source. You will feel much lighter after just one session.
I wish you love, light, and peace.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Zack Robinson
Reiki III Practitioner
Hello, I am Zack Robinson and I hope to share some light with you!
I am from South Carolina and I started on my path when I was 17.

I originally studied traditional Wicca with Mystic Oaks Learning Circle, which provided me with a great foundation and understanding of how energy can be channeled for healing the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

I received my Usui Reiki I and II attunements in 2011 and my level III attunement the following year.
I moved to Fabulous Las Vegas in 2015 and decided to get re-certified with Holy Fire Reiki at The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.

Through both Reiki trainings I have gained valuable tools to help relax and heal myself, which is why I love sharing this energy with others. Since receiving the Holy Fire attunement, I have been guided to call in the angels during my sessions. The angels are very loving beings that are happy to come and hold space for healing and to offer their support.

During my practice, I have grown very close to my crystal allies. Crystals are fascinating for many different geological and metaphysical reasons, but most often people begin collecting them because they make us feel better. In short, crystals send out a specific vibration that can help to bring harmony to our own energetic field or aura. These crystals connect with various energy centers in the body as well as physical aspects of our body. I was drawn to the healing properties of crystals since the beginning of my practice and I have devoted a lot of time to researching the crystals as well as connecting with them one on one in healing.

I now also work with the crystals making Wire Wrapped Jewlery for the center as well as custom pieces if you already have a crystal.
I am available at the center for private healing sessions as well as classes. I look forward to seeing your beautiful light and sharing an experience in your journey. Blessed Be!
Tawney Cheyenne
Reiki Master/Fairyologist
Tawney is a Reiki Master / Teacher and a Certified Fairyologist.
Tawney has been practicing holistic healing for years and finds extreme satisfaction in helping others. She grew up in a very spiritual household where she was surrounded by crystals and knowledge of the unknown.

As a child, Tawney would see and draw pictures of fairies, mermaids and other energetic beings. She always knew she was different from the other kids her age and that there was far more to this world than meets the eye...and there was.

She would often tell her mom that she was dropped out of space and felt foreign to this earth. She was introduced to energy healing at the young age of 14 and has been in love with the practice ever since.

Tawney has hosted many different meditations, drum circles and reiki shares to bring the teenage spiritual community of Las Vegas closer together and create a sense of unity amongst them. She feels strong connections to the fairy and elemental realms, galactic beings, and various shamanic practices.
Melissa Ameika
Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Shaman Practitioner
When we heal ourselves we heal the world!

Hi, my name is Melissa Ameika and I'm here to assist you on your healing and spiritual path.

Along my own journey I have walked through much darkness.

My first spiritual teacher came to me 17 years ago and helped me find the path my soul was longing to re-discover. It was in those early years that I opened up to energy and the whole world changed.

I found joy in living again. Children started to notice me and smile or laugh. Animals would run up to me. They felt it, the shift in my consciousness. Life became magical and beautiful.

Although I was healing emotionally and spiritually, my body was in constant pain. I decided to study a healing practice that I could use on myself and that's when I found Reiki.

I fell in love with the practice and spirit told me that this was what I was meant to do. Over the next four years I trained extensively with Kim Fleisher at The Reiki School and Clinic in Philadelphia to eventually become a Master/Teacher.

I knew that it was time to leave my corporate job in finance and help others heal. Since 2007 I have also trained with three shamans from different traditions in the path of the Shaman or Healer or Medicine Man/Woman.

I offer Reiki healing sessions, shaman healing sessions, house/land/spirit clearings, drum meditations, animal healing, workshops and private ceremonies. I hope to be of service to you along your path to fullness of purpose, joy and heart centered living.
Barbara Loss
Usui/Holyfire Reiki Master/Teacher, Tuning Forks, Chakra Balancing
Barbara Loss, Usui/Holyfire Reiki Master/Teacher, Tuning Forks, Chakra Balancing

Originally born and raised in Washington state, where the night sky would have a million stars shining bright as day. I remember always being barefoot or climbing high up in the willow tree and loving life on our farm. We all learned at a young age the value of hard work. From tending the fields to planting the large garden each year. We had an orchard full of fruit trees, we even had chestnut & walnut trees. Life was grand! I am the youngest of six and have a big imagination and was always up for any adventure. If there was a stray animal, it came home with me to be loved and cared for.

Fast forward to my years as a Mom to three wonderful children with big imaginations. All three are very creative, artistic, and independent. They are all grown up and mean the world to me.

I have spent a good part of my life in the insurance field. Then in 2010, I was introduced to the world of Reiki through medical issues by a wonderful naturopath doctor. I knew through the healing and enlightenment I received from my reiki experience that this was the path I was destined to pursue.

I trained with Reiki Master Nancy Merrifield in Bothell, Washington, Usui Reiki I, II & III in 2011.
After moving to Las Vegas, I trained under Master Debbie Veach, Master Reverend Christine Briscoe and Master Melissa Ameika here at the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center for Holy Fire Master/Teacher.

I welcome you to come experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing and enlightenment with me here at the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.

Love & light,

Scott William Thompson
Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master/Meditation Master/ Counselor
My name is Scott William Thompson , I am a certified Usui/Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach. I trained at The University of Sedona, where I received my B.A in Spiritual Counseling. I received my Reiki Training at Peace Place in Sedona I am a professional member of the ICRT. I was placed with Holy FIre 2 by William Lee Rand founder of the ICRT in March 2016 .

I also received formal training as a certified master of wisdom and meditation teacher from world renowned Teacher,Writer and Hay
House Radio personality Davidji

My spiritual training can provide for you a gateway to a deeper understanding and awareness of your divine purpose

Holy Fire 2 is a deep spiritual energy that bypasses the standard chakra system and goes right where the healing is required

My sessions are 100.00 for an hour where we can begin to uncover what is keeping you from your divine purpose. You can expect to walk away
from one of my sessions with clarity and a deep sense of peace and calmness as I combine Reiki Energy with Meditation along with what ever is being given to me for you at that time.

I specialize with beginners to meditation. I also specialize in working with those who are struggling with addictions or with those individuals who are needing extra support and guidance along the recovery path .


Ray Wheeler
Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master/Reconnective Therapist
Ray Wheeler

My name is Ray Wheeler, and I hold certifications for Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master, and reconnective therapist. These accreditations are important not because they describe notoriety or level of services and abilities, but they also give you confidence in my abilities to use energy healing in the most beneficial way for each client. However, they mean something altogether different to me. I believe that these certifications were the building blocks to understanding what True Reiki Healing is, what it can do, and how I fit into this blessed contract I have with source and you my client.

Most of you who know me understand that I do not proclaim these levels of Reiki to describe me. When I was placed with the sacred abilities of a Holy Fire2 Reiki Master, I had a vision that I had a destiny to fulfil in my life. I had to understand that my truly unique gift I brought to the Reiki Table was a thorough understanding of the healing power of love. Not the romantic love that ebbs and flows with time. But the universal unconditional love everyone should have for each person animal and creature on our home Earth. When I was enlightened that I would be using this form of healing, I noticed a better connection with the people and animals I had the pleasure to work with. I felt a higher connection than I have ever had before.

For this reason, whenever I describe myself to a client or a group I refer to myself not as Ray Wheeler Holy Fire 2 Reiki Master, but simply Ray Wheeler “Love Generator”.

So, when you choose a Reiki session with me we will be sharing a superior level of unconditional love that holds great healing potential a new level of relaxation and well-being.

Sincerely Ray Wheeler “The Love Genertor”
Sean Wei Mah
Healer, Holy Man, Medicine Man of the Cree Tribe
I am from Northern Alberta Canada. I am Woodland and Plains Cree. I grew up around Native American rituals and ceremony. I've attended literally thousands of ceremony of different types. I started my training to become a Medicine Man in my early teens. I was recognized for having the blessing and gifts. I've had several Medicine Men teach me the ways, guide on my path, teach me the medicines. I've been shown a lifetime of magical and terrifying visions as part of this way. It's a highly supernatural and magical practice. Passed down several generations of Medicine Men from Spirit Beings themselves. All ceremony, songs, and vision are given by the Spirit Beings, the Grandfathers, the Grandmother's, and ultimately the Creator. It all requires permission.

It's been over 20 years now. I've been an apprentice, a medicine man, and recently teacher. I didn't take a weekend workshop or a one year course to obtain a certification. I was born onto this path. I live this path. I didn't "buy" or "purchase” my pipe and medicine bundle like many plastic shaman. I earned a pipe and was given a pipe when the Spirit Beings let the Medicine Men know it was time. I now share teachings, ceremony and do healing sessions. I kept my training to myself for several years. Only sharing with very close friends and family. It is a highly political world once people find out what you know. It becomes twisted from something you faithfully believe and were taught into somewhat of a popularity contest and test of power.

We do not use the term "Shaman" back home. We usually use Healer, Holy Man, and Medicine Man. Medicine Men can have different gifts, abilities, helper spirits, and ceremonies. They all work together, helping their community, walking a path of sacrifice, humility and humbleness. Much of what I share will most likely never be seen or experienced by non-Native Americans otherwise.

Spirit becomes embodied in my healing work as it drives the entire process. It encompasses each session from start to finish. We are working on healing, clearing, and re-energizing 3 levels - mind, body, and spirit. The healing sessions I do depend on what the client needs. It involves blessing the body, mind and spirit. Clearing energy blocks which can manifest into illness and other symptoms such as fatigue. I work on a deep level entering the mind where darker entities remain hidden and need to be cast out. As these entities cause many problems in areas such as physical, mental, luck, finance, and relationships. This is what Medicine Men do, this is your personal ceremony. Not every healing session will be the same. This is a hands-on practice as clearing sickness, energy, and evil can involve physical methods. My tools include drums, rattles, shamanic artifacts, herbs, chants, and smudges.

Healing sessions can range from 90 minutes to 120 minutes.

Fees include pipe tobacco offering and $150

Sean Wei Mah
Larry Brisco
Reiki Master, Shaman Practitioner
Reiki Master
Sound Therapist (Tuning Fork)
Healing Code
Crystal Healer

Larry is a gifted Spiritual Energy Worker from California. He was born in San Francisco and moved to Vegas 12 years ago. He is on his Spiritual Path helping people relax so they can activate their own healing abilities.

He is constantly looking at new energy modals so he can provide individualized healing that best suits each particular client.

Once a week for four hours he donates his time at the Caring Place which specializes in providing energy services to cancer patients and their care givers. Seeing many of his clients go into remission has provided him with the passion to want to touch as many people as he can and share his abilities.

Larry’s philosophy is that this is the year of coming together and that energy healing is to be shared with the world.
Dallisa Hocking
Psychic, Medium, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader
I've been intuitive for as long as I can recall. I grew up in a family where we openly discussed matters of the unseen: ghosts, bumps in the night, psychic messages and the magic of the universe. My grandma Ellie would sit me down as a child and tell me about the spirits she had seen the night before, and which "dead" friend or relative had come to pay her a visit. I was constantly mesmerized and always sat on the edge of my seat as she told me her stories. I can trace back psychics in my family to my great-great grandmother, Bell. She would see Spirits on her farm in Idaho.
I am a Clairvoyant, Medium, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader, Meditation Teacher and Seraphim Blueprint Level 4 and Reiki Level 1 graduate. I love working with clients that are seeking clarity, going through a personal transformation or looking to release energetic blockages. My private sessions generally consist of using therapeutic-grade oils, Angel (Tarot) Cards and Seraphim Blueprint Energy. I love tapping into my psychic gifts, both clairvoyant and mediumship, to bring you messages from Spirit! I am looking forward to connecting with you -- book your private session today.
Gayla Malcolm
Reiki Practitioner
Gayla is a native Nevadan who has lived all over the west. But has resided here in Las Vegas for over 23 years.

She is a Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki Practitioner. Specializing in Reiki Treatments, Chakra balancing, Tuning forks, Crystals, Smudging and Meditations.

She is an Art, Crafts and Tarot cards instructor and helps guide people on how to Protect, Balance and Heal using Crystals and Gem Stones and Reiki.

Gayla Malcolm is dedicated to helping people find their inner peace and well being! She is very intuitive and led by spirit to help her clients find self-love and happiness.
Jayla Helms
Holy Fire Usui Reiki Practitioner
Jayla began practicing Reiki and other forms of healing at the age of 15. She spent her childhood always feeling a little off, a little out there, very connected and "sensitive".

After figuring out she was an empath at a young age she began her journey on the healing path. Specializing in Reiki treatments, chakra balancing, and crystal healing.

Since beginning on this path Jayla has studied meditation, crystal healing, fairyology, plant medicine, working with animals and working with galactic energy. In addition to working as a healer Jayla is a behavioral therapist for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) & specializes in working with children both with special needs and not.
Brandy Knapp
Shamanic Angel/Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner
Brandy Knapp is a proud mother
Born in Huntington Beach, California and raised in North Carolina for most of her childhood
Irish & Native American (Cherokee)
Brandy is an intuitive light-worker that exercises her strong connection to the Angelic Realm and high vibrational beings to assist in raising energy and connecting awareness and relaxation to the world.
“Before I lost my mother at the age of 9, she would always tell me that I was born to bring light into this world. It seemed that it was her mission to make me as comfortable and prepared for this life on earth.”
Brandy has been sensitive to spirits and energy for as long as she can remember so seeing, feeling and knowing when Angels and spirits are around is a normal everyday experience for her. She has learned how to incorporate these gifts into her sessions for clients with hopes of creating a memorable and spiritual experience.
Brandy was raised around open-minded and equally gifted family members that encouraged her to follow her intuition as she matured along her life path as a light-worker. She’s been closely connected to her guides since the age of 5 and has vivid memories of playing with them as a child as if they were friends in the physical world.
“Playing in the woods with them from sunrise to sunset were my fondest childhood memories. It was only there that we could be open and free, just me and them, not a care in the world.”
Brandy has been in the field of holistic medicine for about 8 years and is also a mentor for small children and some adults while pursuing a degree in psychology. She is a skilled Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner with the goal of soon becoming a Master/Teacher.

Rose Catmull
Holy Fire/Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Theta, Zenith, Seraphim
Rose Catmull has been bringing healing and empowerment to the Las Vegas community for the past 4 years. She is an experienced teacher and channeler.

Rose assists others in realizing their potential and healing their spiritual, emotional, and physical issues via her knowledge of various metaphysical modalities. Rose uses her gifts of clairvoyancy, claircognizant, clairsentience, and channeling for the angelic realm in assisting God the Creator in the healing process of her clients.
As a teacher, her classes are designed to spread awareness and deepen one’s connection with our higher self and source. Her classes empower others with the tools to awaken their inner guidance and the development of their psychic gifts.

In a typical healing session, Rose will connect with her client and provide spiritual counseling. Additionally, depending on the client’s needs, she might balance one’s chakras, remove negative beliefs or energy blocks, download knowledge or any necessary outlooks from the creator, access past lives, and discover Akashic records as needed. Rose can also conducts a channeling session wherein she will receive direct messages from guides, angels, loved ones, and Creator.

Rose is bi-lingual and speaks both English and Spanish.

Regina Murphy
Sound therapy/Reiki Master
Regina Rose Murphy, Mother, Founder and Practitioner
After founding, operating and then retiring from the largest and most successful flooring company in Las Vegas, Regina turned her life interest towards working in the field of emotional and physical healing in 1994. She acquired certifications in Massage Therapy, BodyTalk, and Reiki, and advanced certifications in the field of Energy Psychology and Sound Therapy.
Recognizing the values she learned in these various modalities, led her to combine the best of these amazing tools. Regina is the Author of two NCBTMB approved classes; Emotional Sound Techniques and Harmonic Massage. She is also considered one of the most experienced practioners in the field of vibroacoustic therapy and the most innovative producer of vibroacoustic content.
Because of a personal challenge with the birth of her son, she became devoted to making her knowledge in Vibroacustics available the public at a no or low cost to others who experience physical and emotional challenges with children. Regina’s pet project is Baby Heart Songs which addresses the needs of yet to be and newly born children. With the participation of the Veteran Sound Therapist Suzanne Jonas Ed. D., she produced innovative sound prescriptions currently under research at a prestigious NICU. It was featured in the award winning movie “The Keeper of the Keys” starring Jack Canfield. This film won the 2012 Movie of the Year at the Nevada Film Festival.
Currently she oversees and has provided vibroacoustic sound beds at four Dolphin Sound Lounges. The lounges use special DVDs embedded with healing frequencies in the audio part while Dolphins and Whales swim in their natural wild environment. Her Dolphin Sound DVD’s and MP3’s are being used in Special Ed classes, Breast Cancer units at a Planetree designated hospital, pain clinics and distributed to our local Veterans for PTSD by their social workers with results stated to be “Too good to be true”.
One of the locations accommodates client referrals from our Court System for DUI offenders and for our young troubled youth under the direction of Music Therapist Judith Pinkerton. These vibroacoustic beds were used at the Saint Therese Center for HIV and AIDS under the direction of Father Joseph O’Brian. Regina produces specific musical prescriptions for the sound bed, Mp3’s and DVD’s for home use. Her products range from perintal beings to Hospice care. They are being prescribed by our local Integrated Medicine specialist Dr. Wen Guo.
Although these Sound Lounges are normally a “self administered treatment”, Regina offers her 90 minute, “therapist assisted treatment” sessions only at two locations; the Medical Excellence Clinic under the direction of Dr. Wen Guo and here at the Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.

April Fried
Reiki Practitioner
April Fried, A Southern California native, was born in, 1967, in the Summer of Love.
Raised by parents who put holistic health, creative visualization and positive affirmation and yoga practice, at the forefront of their parenting-- April was raised very "self-aware," of energies around her and early energy practices before she knew exactly what they were.

In growing up, she also became very aware of energies around her, that intuitive nature she has always carried with her, and uses it today to help others.

April overcame sleep disorders in her youth, and in her early twenties, dealt with managing panic and anxiety disorders. This lead her to want to help others who were also suffering with similar stress and anxiety based disorders.

April has a nurturing, and intuitive nature. This couples well with her positive demeanor in her healing practice.

April is a Life Coach through Martin Seligman's "Authentic Happiness" Life Coaching, and also gained her Business and Communications degrees with Honors, she also is a Reiki II Practitioner and soon to gain her Master Reiki affiliation.

Her background, of 30 years in the Professional Beauty Industry helps her in her Reiki practice, as she believes that self-care and wellness begin from within, and then reflects onto your daily life.

Daily affirmations, Charka Balancing, Reiki and Meditation are a daily part of April's self-care rituals that keeps her stress in check and is looking forward to helping others with their self-care journey as well.
Frances Urtaza
Reiki Master, Seraphim Blueprint Instructor, Theta practitioner, Access Bars, Divine Feminine Awake
Reiki Master, Seraphim Blueprint Instructor, Theta practitioner, Access Bars, Divine Feminine Awakening, Angelic channel.
Blair Barbour
Reiki Master/Yoga Teacher/Artist
Blair Barbour is the founder of Rogue Yoga, a No-Nonsense Yoga Blog for Children and Adults, and has been practicing Reiki, learning holistic alternatives and teaching Yoga for over 10 years.

Living in Philadelphia and Virginia her whole life she decided to follow the vortex and move out west to Las Vegas.

Helping others to remove pain and energetic or emotional blockages through her sessions has become incredible priority once she saw the miraculous positive effects in herself and others using these methods.

In Philadelphia, Blair is a big part of the local animal advocacy scene, winning Miss Pinup Philadelphia 2014 and helping to raise awareness for breed discrimination through the organization Pinups for Pitbulls.

Art is another great passion and in her art career she is on the board of one of the top 20 shows in the country - The Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Show in Philadelphia. She is a member of the Artists of Yardley and teaches children about health through Yoga and Art in her local community.

She has already written and illustrated her first children’s book "The Traveling Yogi,” after being accepted into a prestigious Artist Residency Program at Chiricahua National Monument in Arizona. Her art has been recognized with an International Art award from Neo Pop Realism and can be found globally with works residing on the west coast and in Paris and Hong Kong.

Blair has used her Yoga and Art for many charities supporting local arts programs in Philadelphia schools, Pinups for Pitbulls, the Wounded Warrior Fund and raising money to aid Haiti after the earthquake. Schedule a Reiki session or join Blair in a Yoga class! Check out and for more information!
Linda N. Barling
Usui/Holy Fire, Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader, and EFT
Linda's journey started over 25 years ago when a psychic reader told her that her life's purpose was to be a healer.

At the time Linda, was unsure what she meant. But, she knew that it some how sounded true and started to find her way to helping others and being of service.

Through her 22 years of experience in retail, she was blessed to meet other healers who came into her work as customers. They helped her to see a wide range of different modalities and experience first hand energy work. She realized more and more that spirit works to help you grow and guide you on your path of purpose with love and joy.

While being a member of a psychic group, she heard about Reiki and knew that it was for her. It was clear. Reiki heals on all levels and feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows around and through you. After a Reiki session with Linda, clients would tell her that they had deep feelings of peace, happiness and well being.

In 2006, Linda moved from Torrance, California to Las Vegas, Nevada and started the next chapter of her spiritual growth. After living in Las Vegas for a year, she had the pleasure of hearing Deepak Chopra speak about the Spiritual Light in Las Vegas at the Henderson Pavilion and knew she came here for that reason.

With so many changes that have happened in her life, she had times where she felt lost and turned to energy work and found Emotional Freedom Techniques. It helped her deeply heal old childhood traumas. She felt spiritually lighter, happier and emotionally healthier.

"I feel Archangel Michael around me and know he has helped me in my time of need.

Over the years I have had numerous angelic experiences. I feel that the angels can help us navigate our daily life and guide us to the best and highest path for us at that time. The angel cards guide people back to their Light and Joy. I feel it is very important that one connects to their own angels."

Over her 18 years of experience, Linda found that Reiki was truly transforming the lives of her clients. As multiple signs were popping up, she felt guided to pursue Karuna Reiki in which she is currently studying.

Linda feels the need to be of service and help others create their own inner peace through healing work. "We live in such a changing world, it is important to have your own sacred space that you can call home. Even if it is a small space. If it brings you peace and joy, that is all you need!"

"My deepest intent, is to support and guide you, as you travel on your path to your life's purpose. We are all ONE!"

Linda N. Barling, Reiki Master Teacher
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