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Discovering the Radical Truth about Health and Wellness: Group Channeling with Jen Ashton

Discovering the Radical Truth about Health and Wellness: Group Channeling with Jen Ashton
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Jen is a channel, interdimensional traveler and remote seer who has the unique ability to connect with information from this world and beyond. 
As an activist for conscious change, she is impassioned to open our eyes and minds by reconnecting us all to the intrinsic knowledge of the Universe which she calls “The Radical Truth”, the title of her first book to be published later this year.
While working with clients during High Frequency Healing (HFH) sessions, Jen is able to provide awareness on a much deeper level. Because she travels to the source of the information, she often finds herself within the clients themselves, inside their relationships and even their past lives.
This perspective allows her to locate physical and emotional blockages in the body, discover soul purpose and life path information from higher consciousness, and decipher inherent or recurring emotional patterns and behaviors. 
During these private sessions, Jen also works closely with her clients to assist with practical application of the messages she receives. 
Group channeling events are a wonderful way to learn more about Jen and her work. Each event is centered around a theme intended for more universal discussions that include all in attendance. Everyone is encouraged to bring general questions about health and wellness, although we ask that personal questions be addressed in private HFH sessions. We will open the floor for a brief Q&A after the channeling to discuss Jen’s journey, the lesson and how to incorporate it into our daily lives. 
It is Jen’s intention that each and every one of us shine brighter by continuing to collectively seek answers, raise our vibration and help spread awareness. 

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