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Empaths Unite! A Community for the Sensitive Soul

Empaths Unite!  A Community for the  Sensitive Soul
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Empaths Unite! A Community for the Sensitive Soul


Love Donation

Empaths Unite is a community of people who are sensitive to the energy of the people and places around them. Often empathic people can read the energy of people and places, tell if someone is lying, deeply feel the emotions of others, and find themselves staying home because they feel overwhelmed in the world. Being an empath is an intuitive gift that many healers of the world use to help people move through energy. The purpose of the group is to help empathic people learn to manage the gift of sensitivity and empower them with their purpose and vision. 

Common Empath Signs:

1. You just know things without explanation.

2. Public places can be hard for you.

3. You feel others emotions and take them on as your own.

4. You can't watch violence on TV.

5. People gravitate to you for help, and often they tell you their life story. 

6. You often feel emotional for no reason.

7. You feel clearer when you are alone.

8. You can read people and know if they are honest and trustworthy.

9. You feel a lot and deeply.

10. Feeling things deeply is how you make sense of your world. 

Cost is a donation. 

The group is facilitated by Stephanie Payne, Teresa Locascio, and Kay Borjas who are all empowered empaths. They have a passion for creating safe community, transforming energy, and helping others learn to manage the empathic gift. With humor and a deep connection to the Divine, these amazing empaths make the experience of the group fun, joyful, and very energetically safe. They have been individually trained by Kara Keating, who is the founder of Empaths Unite. 


More Information: 


Being sensitive is a gift. 

You can learn to manage it so that it empowers you.




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