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FOOD, HEALTH & WELLNESS with Authors Nancy Nelson & Deborah Costella

FOOD, HEALTH & WELLNESS with Authors Nancy Nelson & Deborah Costella
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Come join two friends as they have an open discussion with you about their journey wading through uncharted health issues and food choices, recipes, and stories of hope and "how to's."

YOU CAN ” live a full vibrant life, while coordinating the mammoth health considerations of Alzheimer’s disease, Anorexia, Cancer, Schizophrenia and others, as Nancy and Deborah share anecdotes on how to manage and remain standing in HOPE, 


Nancy Nelson’s two books, Blue.River.Apple. an exploration of Alzheimer’s through poetry (covers the first seven months after diagnosis of early onset Alzheimer’s disease) and SECOND HARVEST Blue.River.Apple. a continuing exploration of Alzheimer’s through poetry (covers the following two years). Her “reality poetry” insights convey times of frustration, fear, and “why me?” The ability to authentically “show” raw feelings, yet most always culminating in joy, hope and gratitude, catches the attention of readers. To help others better cope through their own diminishing health journey—perhaps a family member, friend, in-home or professional caregiver—Nancy shares she has become a partner in her own health, and suggests it is a win-win.


Deborah Costella has written her second book; One 4-Ounce Serving: A Collection of Food Stories & Recipes.  A mixed genre of short stories and recipes premised on supper club gatherings of the Friends Amid Food group.  Several members have their own unique health considerations ranging from cancer to stomach by-pass surgery.  None of which deter them from sharing in the fun and joy of cooking up dishes prepared with real food ingredients, all served in small portions.  

Nancy and Deborah will make available for you to purchase personalized signed copies of their books at discounted prices! Chef Deborah will offer a couple of her brain-health recipes and Nancy’s gift is a complimentary poem—all to be given out for you to take home.




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