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ONE DAY ONLY!!  OCTOBER 5TH, 2017/ 11:00a.m.-6:00p.m.


Be sure to come and get your Henna design while she's here.


Join Renu Lal, native of New Delhi, India, renowned henna artist, gifted intuitive healer and palm reader and experience “PRAYERS YOU CAN WEAR.”

Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear
The Miracle Of Symbols
Join Extraordinary henna artist Renu Lal and discover PRAYERS TO WEAR. By adorning the body with Sacred symbols, you connect directly to the Spirits, Gods and Goddesses in effort to appease them and win their favor.The traditional messages of henna is similar to prayer as it seeks to establish symbolic communication with forces beyond our comprehension. Renu shares the meanings of many traditional symbols and discuss with ones best enhance your life purpose.

Through her ancient artistry Renu will craft the perfect body adornment for you at this precise moment on your unique life journey. You will be graced with your very own PRAYER THAT YOU WEAR.

MEHNDI, the art of Henna, is a language between the woman and the universe. The message of Henna is a prayer worn on the temple of the body. Henna is a sacred and beautiful experience shared between women of cultures around the world. 

Designs are $20 and up depending upon the size and intricacy of the pattern.
Customers have options to choose a design, pick a price or I give a Free Reading with their own personalized
henna symbols which are between $65 to $85

Ethnic Henna Designs Bring Beauty and History.........

Renu Lal , a Sacramento, CA. Mehndi( as it is known in India) artist,
was born and raised in New Delhi, India and began practicing henna on
family, friends and neighbors as a young child. Now days, she is the
most sought henna artist in California.

Renu Lal was honored the Best Henna Artist by Sacramento Magazine and
News and Review. For years Renu has been ingratiating people both
young and old with her spiritual insights and intricate henna art. She
has the ability to see into their souls and provide them with artwork
that heals and protects them. And her art does not stop there; Renu is
a firm believer in giving back to the community and has spent years
offering complimentary art classes to children and demonstrating her
techniques at local schools and libraries. Her art is displayed by
thousands of happy satisfied clients art art  and wine festivals,
harvest festivals, renaissance fairs. She travels though out the
country with Henna brush in hand and warm, inviting smile on her face.
Often surrounded by crowds of people, Renu uses her art form to tell
the history of henna.

Renu refers to henna as a "Prayer That You Wear" It is an unspoken
language of symbols with meanings and the connection to sources of
life. Henna symbols are used as offerings and the reddish brown color

that is left behind is a blessing.

Renu has an ability to tune in with your energy and draw your personalized SACRED SYMBOLS. Renu will share with you the meanings of traditional symbols and discuss which ones best enhance your life purpose. Henna is an unspoken language of sacred symbols which are used as an offering and the color it leaves behind is a blessing

“In my culture, henna conjures up images of romance and creates an aura of glamour. It is referred to as the unspoken language of women. The symbols we use in Mehndi are said to be universal, with ancient meaning and a connection to the sources of Life.  

This link is designed to show you how excited we are to have Renu come and join us at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.  Should you wish to have Renu do a Henna Design we recommend you either pre-book an appointment time, or you can come in as a walk-in on the day of the Event.

Although you can pre-pay via this link we recommend you simply wait until you come and choose which design is best for you.

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