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Life Colors Aura Class by Renee Penley
The aura is the electromagnetic field or energy field that radiates from all matter. It tells us so much about who we are and how we interact with ourselves and the world around us.
The colors in your aura reflect the choices in your life. However this does not mean that you are limited to a particular goal or way of processing. You are always free to expand and grow and change in any way you chose.
Your aura can tell you;
- What kind of personality are you.
- What kind of occupations are best for you.
- What are your goals and purpose for being here.
- How to maintain and enhance your positive characteristics.
- Your attitudes around money, relationships and career.
- How you process life – physically, mentally or emotionally.
By understanding the attributes of each color and how the are effecting your life in this moment you can consciously draw in a color for a specific purpose such as healing, prosperity or compassion and thus shape your own destiny.
In this class we will be discussing our auras and how they effect our daily lives; our bodies the physical colors,our moods the emotional colors and our minds the mental colors. 
So come join me for an afternoon of learning, fun,exploring and personal growth as we navigate our life colors together.
The cost of the class is $20
Each participant will receive an individual aura photo, to take home.


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