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Meditation with MICHAEL “The ArchAngel” with Brandy Knapp

 Meditation with MICHAEL “The ArchAngel” with Brandy Knapp
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Although Michael is doing his work in all our lives, it’s usually in the midst of our busiest moments. This is a circle that provides an intimate moment to share with him. Whether it’s sharing your gratitude for the work you can feel him doing, or a safe place to ask Creator and his biggest warrior for clearing and protection.. 


Archangel Michael can help you to release lower energies of fear, worry, or stagnant energies and connect you with the courage needed to make positive life changes.  His sword of light cuts all cords of attachment that were tying you to other people, events, situations or places that may be draining your energy and then dissolving the roots. 


Brandy will also bring in the four directions to call upon the gentle elements of earth, fire, wind, and rain to wash away any residue of negativity, of doubt, and of discord.


This experience is aimed to help you open up to the unconditional love of the Angelic Realm and learn to carry that with you throughout your daily life.


Join Brandy in a deep meditation ranging 45-60 min followed by everyone receiving Reiki & Angelic Energies. Meditations may include drumming, rattling, or Tibetan Singing Bowls. It’s really left up to the bigger source which sounds are used. We may even sit in silence sometimes. This is a 100% guided circle. 


Come prepared to RELEASE AND LET GO of all that no longer serves you.. and  OPEN TO RECEIVE Reiki & Angelic energy conducted through Brandy to embrace your spirit and cleanse your sacred space (your body). 


This class will range anywhere from 1-2 hrs.. depending on class size.. 


You will be allowed to sit in a chair or on the floor, lay down, or stand.. However you are comfortable.. 

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