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Numerology and Tarot Mapping for 2018 with Leeza Robertson

Numerology and Tarot Mapping for 2018 with Leeza Robertson
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Mapping Your Year Ahead with Numerology, Tarot and Astrology. 
It seems like only yesterday that we sat down and walked through 2017’s numbers. Now it’s time to take a look at what 2018 has in store for you. 
2017 saw the start of a new numerological cycle with the year of the Magician, a number 1 year and what an interesting start we have had. I think this new cycle should have come with a warning label.  So what will be in store for us as we move into the 2nd year of this cycle? 
2018 is a fascinating year, it is an 11/2 year, a master number year, a year of karmic restoration. With Justice and the High Priestess as our Tarot Guides for 2018 it will be hard not to feel like you are constantly being asked to make big, life choices. With Jupiter, the Wheel of Fortune card, and Saturn, the World card being very strong presences as we end 2017, you will already notice things shifting and changing in a more complete and structured way. This is all leading you to scales of Justice and the secrets of the High Priestess.
The loving consorts Venus and Mars will be playing tag with retrograde cycles in 2018, which means trying to walk the Karmic tight rope between your head and your heart might prove challenging in the next 12 months. It really does depend on what your personal numbers are for 2018. Will your numbers be favorable for this upcoming year of Karmic lessons, or will your chart show points of healing and clearing instead?
Here is what happens in the class
        * First we work out your life path number and your 2018 year number
we put these numbers into a Tarot spread using the number of the calendar year as the main vibrational influence, which for 2018 is an 11/2. 
Then we map out your whole year using numerology and put it into a personalized tarot spread just for you. 
This class runs for approximately 90mins
Cost $45.00
* Please bring your own Tarot Cards if you have them. 


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