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Opening the Gateway of Light with the Angels with Rose Catmull

Opening the Gateway of Light with the Angels with Rose Catmull
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Opening the Gateway of Light with the Angels



Enter into a High Vibrational space of Divine Light as the Angels open the Gateway.

During this meditation, the Highest Realms of Angelic DivineLight  will assist you into embodying your Higher Essence and Divine Template. You will  activate higher levels of your DNA to assist you in expanding your consciousness into a new vibrationally elevated version of your life.

Are you aware of all the new high vibrational energies  that we are receiving during this time of  the Lions Gate Portal?

 Come and join Rose Catmull as she facilitates this the opening of this high vibrational space.  Allow Angels of Divine Light to  assist you to cross through this  gateway opening to integrate higher Light Codes..  In this space you will expand your consciousness as you release limiting patterns and beliefs.

Earth consciousness  has a  “Unified Field” of Higher Consciousness.  This is the  new and emerging field of Higher and Multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming into existence around the Planet to create the Multi-dimensional grids for the New Earth.   Each of us, can hold this higher consciousness  inour Heart center, Soul and Light Body. 

 As we  awaken and come together,  our  radiant energy signatures and group energy signatures create the grids for the New Earth 5th Dimensional Earth manifestation.

This is a new and emerging field of Higher and multi-dimensional consciousness that is coming around the planet to create the Multi-Dimensional grids for the new earth. 

These Higher Vibration energies are held in our heart center, soul and light body.  As each of us  receives them and we all (the collective) awaken, we come together creating a new grids for the manifestation of the 5th Dimensional Earth. 

Join us in this meditation and become a part of the change that “The New World”  needs.


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