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Self-Love Group Channeling with Jen Ashton

Self-Love Group Channeling with Jen Ashton
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Self-Love Group Channeling with Jen Ashton




Join Jen on June 18th to explore the topic of self-love.

Many of us tend to fall into the daily habit of putting ourselves last. Our children, relationships, careers and chores often take precedence over self-care. When was the last time you got to the end of your day and realized you never took a moment for yourself? How many days a week do you put off doing the things that fill and replenish your own well? Do you allow your relationships with others to take priority over your relationship with self? In one way or another we are all guilty, and many of us struggle to find the balance between practicing self-love and feeling selfish.

The truth is we all perform better in our careers, our relationships and our lives when we feel whole, when our cups are full and we love ourselves first. Let’s get together and discover how to nourishthe mind, body and soul so that we can become the best version of self…to ourselves and each other. We encourage you to bring your questions about self-love and experience Jen’s unique gift in a group setting. It is her intention to inspire personal growth by educating, elevating and evolving our collective awareness of this world and beyond.

Jen is an artist, author and Spiritual (R)evolutionary who has the unique ability to channel “universal knowledge”. With the help of her spirit guide Mosha, she enters a deep trance state and travels out of body to retrieve the answers we seek. There is no one energy, entity or collective that she channels. Instead, Jen travels to the source of the answer, wherever it may be. Due to the delicate nature of her gift, group events are scheduled with a universal theme in mind and we ask that questions more personal in nature are reserved for private healing sessions. 

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