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We know that when we are living a life not aligned with our Soul,

because we have problems and varying degrees of apathy toward life.



How many people know how to increase Soul health?  

I have been asking this for years and have not found one person yet.



We are fluent in how to be healthier physically, mentally and emotionally; yet we draw a blank when considering the health of our Soul and how to improve it.

And yet this is the foundation of our Being and everything else rests upon its health!



We have Soul sickness in the West and it is creating havoc across our globe.

( this has been going on for a few hundred years actually, and we are now reaping the harvest of our ancestors seeds)



Is there hope for a bright future? Absolutely!

In some sense, we have never been more ripe for change and that creates an opening for us to grow.  We can grow in ways our ancestors would not have dreamed of


In this workshop you will:



Bring honor and healing to your ancestors (who did the best they could)


Create new pathways to grow an increasing dialogue with your Soul


Develop and strengthen your connection with your Higher Self who is more patient than your Soul


Learn the difference between your Higher Self and your Soul and

how to live harmoniously with these parts of yourself


Learn what Soul sickness is and how to heal it


Learn how we change the morphic field when we change ourselves


Learn how to understand your Dreams, which is Soulwork 101



Through the shamanic method of drumming, Susan will lead you on meditative journeys to increase your level of awareness and give you the ability dive deep into your own Soul. No prior experience necessary.  Connect with larger and more authentic aspects of your Self and leave the day more empowered. Bring a notebook/journal and your sense of adventure.



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