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Tabula Rasa: Clearing the Slate of Your Mind with ZENLIFE INSTITUTE COACH TRISHA PRASAD

Tabula Rasa: Clearing the Slate of Your Mind with ZENLIFE INSTITUTE COACH TRISHA PRASAD
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As an infant we are born with blank slates of our mind. Through childhood, young adulthood, and into our adult lives we develop our beliefs through our
experiences, whether positive or negative.  What would it be like to clean the slate of your mind of the negative thoughts and beliefs that do not serve you
as an adult? Thoughts such as: I am not worthy, I am not good enough, no one loves me, I will never succeed. Sometimes we don’t even realize we
have these thoughts. Why is cleaning the slate of your mind so pivotal in being happy or staying miserable? You must clean the slate and start fresh so you can 
consciously create your life without past negative life experiences looming over you and causing negative repeat behaviors? Our preconceived ideas 
have an affect on every decision we make in our lives when it comes to relationships and love, self love and sabotage, career
and friendships, health and finances. This workshop will show you how to dis-create those beliefs and give you an opportunity to start over by
clearing the slate of your mind. It will be guided by Trisha Prasad, Holistic Life and Health Coach, to show you how to clear your 
historical emotional debris in order to create a life you desire and stop repeating the same sabotaging behaviors.  
Who should come to this workshop? If you want to move away from pain of being alone, being in a bad relationship, tired feeling stuck in your life and not happy,
struggling in career or personal finances, and you want tomove closer to the pleasure that life offers and closer to the life you desire. In order to create a higher vision for 
yourself you must periodically clean the slate of your mind. Join us in this moving and powerful workshop as Trisha shows you how! 
1.5 hours 
$35 / person (writing journal included)

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