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VOICE of the COSMOS a SACRED GONG MEDITATION with Jon Reinschreiber

VOICE of the COSMOS a SACRED GONG MEDITATION with Jon Reinschreiber
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Experience the Voice of the Cosmos

Sacred Sound Ceremonialist, Jon Reinschreiber, has spent years traveling the planet in search of shamanic cultures and traditional healing modalities. Intuitive and guided by Spirit, Jon’s healing work is a carefully crafted blend of traditional healing styles learned while working with indigenous shamans and sound healers from 12 countries on 5 continents.

The sound of the Gong is the spirit song, the whisper of the primal soul, and the echo of the sound within all sounds.

The Ancient yogis believed that the sound of the Gong contained the voice of the Cosmos, and echoed the original Word that created the Universe.

Recent Deep Space recordings, made by NASA, confirm that the sounds created by the Gong does mimic the sound of Deep Space.

Experience Deep Space with Sacred Sound Ceremonialist and healer, Jon Reinschreiber, and let the voices of the Gongs carry you to a place of timeless peace and solitude from which stress, internal blockages, conflicts, and traumas, can be resolved, dissolved, and healed.

VOICE of the COSMOS with Sacred Sound  Ceremonialist Jon Reinschreiber is an amazing event.

For more on Jon be sure to read this article written in LAYOGA:

OR watch one of his sessions on you tube: 






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