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Spiritual Coaching Package with Certified Spiritual Guidance Coach/Educator April

Spiritual Coaching Package with Certified Spiritual Guidance Coach/Educator April
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Session One: Your Personal Spiritual Thrust. Gain insights into your purpose and your personal spiritual thrust. Begin to understand your personal thrust as the rays of the sun and you as the sun.Your spiritual thrust is your personal phrase/sentence/mantra which encapsulates your Spiritual Purpose-the energy that you have come to express this lifetime. The Essence of You. Experience a concentrated journey of how to make your thrust a way of life. This will guide you as a pivot in living from; with more fulfillment, balance, and joy in what you have come to do.Instantly relate to and find solutions for when you are working with your thrust and when you are not.You will receive your own personalized chart. Session 45 min.-1hour
Session Two-The Niche Consultation-Do you feel like a square peg in a round whole?Then you need to make shifts to find your niche in life. This consultation will help you go deeper into areas for the feeling and understanding of your special Energy and Vibration Pattern.
Discover which of the 3 vibrations and 3 energy types is your strength so that you can see what roles in life,jobs,and business are a match for your niche & purpose. Discover how to find the balance between your spiritual purpose and your avocation. This consultation will offer a blueprint for your life and the involvement in your life situations. It enables you to feel what you are accomplishing in what you came to do. You will receive your own personalized chart. One Hour 
These sessions are private one-on-one consultations and done in separate weekly sessions. Prepayment is required before your appointment is confirmed. Your appointment will be booked after payment. You may re-schedule your appointment once with a 24-hour notice required. Appointments missed will require payment on that session. All sales are final,no refunds. Appointments maybe received in-house or skype. To be determined by April Azzolino.

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