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Soul Retrieval Special with Shaman Practitioner Melissa Ameika

Soul Retrieval Special with Shaman Practitioner Melissa Ameika
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Soul Retrieval Special
$125 (normally $140)
Soul loss is a shamanic spiritual concept similar to what psychologists call  disassociation. It's based on the idea that when something traumatic happens in our lives a piece of our soul fragments, leaves the body, so that we may survive the trauma. This is not a bad thing. In fact, it's a very clever defense mechanism that our bodies have worked out for survival. Most of the time these fragmented soul pieces return to our bodies on their own when the trauma passes. Sometimes they don't, leaving one feeling "not all there" and open to things like addiction, attachments, etc. That's where the shaman/medicine-woman/man comes in. In the practice of Soul Retrieval, the shamanic practitioner will journey through the darkness in search of any soul pieces that are in the highest interest of the client to come back to self. Those pieces will then be returned to the client and re-introduced into the whole self. Soul retrieval is a very sacred, intense and beautiful practice that brings about great healing and change. 

What to expect. I will set up a medicine wheel/sacred space when you arrive. You will then receive a sage smudge blessing before the drumming starts. As you lay on the massage table I will drum and "journey" into the other-realms to search for any soul pieces that are in your highest interest to be returned. Your body will be energetically cleared by the drum and energy work so that any soul pieces come back to a safe place. Spirit will not allow any soul pieces to come back that you are not ready for and you are completely safe in this process. The session will include drumming and some energy work to assist in the integration process. Having a soul retrieval done is a beautiful way to return joy, peace and balance to your life.

"When we heal ourselves we heal the world." 
Melissa Ameika, B.Msc.
Metaphysical Healer, Counselor & Teacher




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