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My name is Jonathan and I am a first client to Enchanted Forest. I have been involved with energy work for 2 years and somatic work for 8 years as a somatic practitioner in Skinner Release Therapy and performing arts. I just want to validate and reiterate the welcoming feeling of the centre and the amazing session I had with Christine. I have had a lot of energetic work done on me in various countries and just came back from a master dieta in Peru. I can say with confidence Christine was some of the strongest hands I have ever experienced. Even though I only did the mini-package she tuned in and tapped in instantaneously to give a session beyond language. I was so grateful for the session I had to email and send my gratitude to the session and your centre.
I am new to Reiki but I am very impressed with Debbie.
Rick Thompson
Los Angeles
Recently, I had a profile and reading from April Azzolono, identifying my primary type of perception and a tutorial on how to connect with my angels. I thought that the subject sounded generally interesting, but was completely unprepared for the power of these life changing techniques, which connected me to my unseen spiritual guidance team and angelic forces on the other side. April explained that every soul has four types of perception which can be implemented in communicating with these spiritual helpers, and profiled my perception type in order of their strengths, in my particular case. She showed me powerful cleansing techniques which I now use throughout the day, to cleanse my body and soul in preparation to connect with my spiritual guidance team. Being what I consider to be a logical and grounded person, I was truly shocked when I began getting distinctive yes or no answers from a team of intelligent, loving energies, who apparently have been accessible to me throughout my life. April explained that every person has this incredible team of spiritual helpers, just waiting to be tapped into, if we are willing to implement these simple and profound techniques. It was very obvious to me that I was communicating with intelligent, loving sources, and their guidance has added a completely new and wonderful dimension to living. Since my profile from April, It has been proven repeatedly, that these angels have given me invaluable advice and help with all aspects of my life, and I will never perceive the world in the same way again. I found April to be down to earth, kind and knowledgeable in every way. She has profoundly changed my life, and I would suggest that anyone who is interested in accessing their spiritual helpers for guidance, should call April. Her one hour assessment that will open your eyes to a whole new, mystical world. Sincerely, Lee Kellogg.
Lee Kellogg
This was my first reiki session and I very much enjoyed it. I was completely relaxed during the session and at times it was more stimulating than a traditional message. I could feel the energy move through my entire body from my feet to my legs, arms, hands and my head. I went to Laurie with sore and aching feet and a hurt wrist and now my feet and wrist feel significantly better. I am completely amazed at how much better I feel overall. I have also gained clarity and insight with Laurie's spiritual insight and recomendations in our session together.
Las Vegas
Love - Joy - Compassion. Only three of several words I would describe Messina and her approach to Yoga. Her experience with physical therapy greatly aids this beginner's yoga class. I had lower back surgery and this class is speeding up my recovery. Even my doctor is impressed. I was extremely apprehensive of any exercise, but knew I had to do something. Messina put my mind to rest and I love this class. Her knowledge and spiritual guidance lifts both your body and soul. And it's fun! Many blessings, Rich
Richard O.
Las Vegas, Nevada
After having my Reiki session done, I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. I felt refreshed and "light". Debbie is very good at what she does and I highly recommend getting a treatment done. If you've never experience it, call her and schedule your appointment today!
Malolis M.
North Las Vegas, Nevada
Working with Debbie has been an extraordinary experience! When she had finished with my very first Reiki treatment I was so peaceful and relaxed and felt completely grounded. Debbie is incredibly gifted and brings such love and light to anyone she comes in contact with. Her intuitive nature will astound you and her energy and spirit are so lovingly genuine that you will want to keep coming back for more!! Namaste-
Debi G.
Henderson, Nevada
Debbie performed Reiki on me long distance, because I suffer from a chronic illness that comes and goes. While she was doing it, I felt a little weaker and slower-moving than usual, but really didn't notice until afterwards that my legs, which typically hurt quite a bit, were feeling much, much better. What's most impressive, is that I have had acupuncture, and it only lasts a day or two: whereas, when Debbie performed the reiki on me, my legs were substantially improved for a full week. Really it's phenomenal. I hadn't expected the results to be so impressive, but they were. I'd recommend Debbie to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and is seeking relief.
Truly, Tammy J.
North Potomac, Md
The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center has a warm, inviting, extremely peaceful room. Debbie has a calming, caring way about her. She gave me great insight into some ideas to try at home. It is without reservation that I encouraged others to go, and I will continue to recommend The Enchanted Forest Reiki Center to my friends and family.
Linda B.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Debbie is a wonderful healer. It is amazing how much better I feel after a session. My first visit I had Reiki & my chakras balanced, and was surpirsed how out of alignment I was. You can feel the energy changing around your body. She is so caring and loving, and that comes through in her sessions. I suffer from chronic pain, and after visiting Debbie I am able to move easier and sleep better. She's guided to the areas that hurt the most without me saying anything. I always leave feeling refreshed. I had almost given up hope of feeling better until I met her. I recommend Debbie to anyone. You will leave feeling better.
Richard O.
North Las Vegas, Nevada
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