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Charlie Byrd

Charlie Byrd

★ Clairvoyant & clairsentient

★ Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, & Stone Divination
★Cord cutting & energy cleansing
★Custom spells & ritual design
★ Spiritual Coaching
LGBTQ+, fluent in French

Charlie Byrd is a psychic and practicing witch with over 20 years of
experience. At age 4, he informed his parents that there was a strange man
in the house, and has been working with the spirits ever since. He began
his tarot journey at 11, when his mom gave him his first tarot deck.

Charlie specializes in divination and spiritual work to help re-enchant your
life and believes that the best magic supports practical action in the
everyday world. A session with Charlie can include multiple forms of
divination, energetic healing, practical coaching, spell design, and magical

Charlie has studied in several witchcraft traditions and is initiated in
Grailwood Coven (NYC) and the Spectaculus School/Varlow Academy of
Magick. He is a Reiki II practitioner in the Blue Lotus tradition.

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