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Kristen Frye


Usui Reiki + Holy Fire Level 2.  Transformation Meditation.


Born and raised here in Las Vegas, Kristen has always been spiritual for as long as she could remember.  When she was younger, she had dreams about angels beings of light visiting her.  A former student at the Sophia Center for Goddess Study, Kristen understood the power of meditation and how it can not only help yourself and your connection with Source, but can heal other people as well.


She has a degree in Anthropology from CSN, and later became a certified teacher of Transformation Meditation during the height of the pandemic in 2020.  She knew about Reiki and how healing it was, but only when she became part of the Enchanted Forest family, she decided to take it seriously.  What a perfect place to learn it from!


Taught by the staff at the Enchanted Forest (including the owner Debbie), Kristen uses Reiki and Holy Fire as a part of her every day life.  Wether it’s charging her personal crystal collection or helping someone in need.  Reiki can heal in multiple ways, and Kristen is more than happy to share this with you.  Kristen also hosts themed meditation circles, rituals, and various classes at the Enchanted Forest very month.

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