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Jamie Bailey


Jamie Bailey is a new Las Vegas resident from Buffalo, NY. She is an Usui Reiki Master, sound therapy practitioner, certified life coach, and yoga instructor.

Her mission is to be a compassionate source of illumination and empowerment- guiding others and assisting with healing using sacred spiritual knowledge, tools, and ancient healing modalities. Jamie uses her heart, her intuition, and her connection to the Divine as a guiding light and inspirational force behind all that she creates. The intention of her offerings is to provide healing experiences while holding a safe, sacred space as the many layers of inner alchemy and self transformation are navigated.

Jamie is honored to humbly serve as a loving reminder of the power we each have in this human experience. She is passionate about restoring trust in the spiral of this evolutionary life journey as we individually and collectively rise- beckoning in a new dawn on this beautiful planet.

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