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Jillian Kniep

Hi I’m Jill, I grew up with a very close connection to spirit, from a young age I knew I was psychic and wanted to use my abilities to help others.  In my late teens I found out about reiki and I began my reiki journey. It was a very healing experience for me and I knew immediately that I wanted to help others through giving reiki healing. I’m very passionate about helping others heal through reiki as it’s helped me heal so much and I just want to share the beautiful healing reiki has to offer.  


It's been nearly a decade now, and my passion for reiki has only grown.  I’m an extremely empathic and caring person, so I'm thrilled to be able to share the gift of reiki with others at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center.


I enjoy practicing tarot too and working on my psychic gifts whenever I can.  No doubt I will be a forever student of spirit.

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