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Joel Finkielsztein

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Usui Reiki Plus Holy Fire Master, Advanced Tarot/Oracle Card Reader, Psychic, Medium, Oracle of the Angels, Kabbalist, Numerologist (Speaks Conversational Spanish and Hebrew)


Joel comes from a long line of energy workers on both sides of his family His mother; Deborah Veach, the owner of Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, came from a highly spiritual family where she was taught energy work as a child. His father’s side also has a history of energy work and spirituality dating back at least 3 generations. Interactions with spirit and angels were an incredibly regular part of his childhood. These interactions were encouraged, and he was taught how to communicate and interact with these beings and energies. By the time he was in his early teens he was already using pendulums and regularly practicing energy work. In his mid-teens he was told by a psychic that his destiny was to continue his mother’s path, especially as an energy worker and a healer, but that he would bring modernity and fresh ideas to her work. 


Through his teen years, and into his early adulthood Joel would occasionally assist his mother with Enchanted Forest, but he stepped away for a few years to pursue his own dreams and aspirations. After years of introspection and soul-searching that took him overseas Joel realized his true passions were spirituality and family. So, after he finished his military service, he decided to return home. Helping his mother with Enchanted Forest allows him to dive into spirituality and metaphysics, and help his family at the same time. In his time since returning from overseas Joel's role has only continued to grow as a worker, as a healer, and as a psychic.


As a healer Joel has become a Reiki Master, developed his own modality of Reiki where he incorporates Kabbalistic Healing (Reiki of the Angels), and offers Psychic Reiki where he combines his unique psychic gifts with his healing abilities. As a psychic Joel now offers many different advanced and unique tarot card readings, and has added Numerology to his repertoire. With his Psychic Reiki sessions his abilities as an empath and a medium continue to grow and expand, only improving the quality of his readings further and further as time goes on.


Joel's role has also grown to include teacher; his classes, workshops, meditations, and courses across a wide variety of subjects and topics have made him a mainstay at Enchanted Forest. His classes often feature spectacular, one of a kind crystal grids. He loves to use them to call in the energy of that particular class, and then have his students meditate on them to more easily and strongly connect to the energies during their meditations. You can follow Joel on Instagram @the_mancy_man to get information and stay updated on his different classes and any upcoming specials. Not only will you find stunning videos and photos of his past crystal grids there, but if you're lucky enough to catch him on Instagram Live, he might just do a free mini reading for you!

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