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Karen Jackson


Shamanic Practitioner-Reiki Master/Teacher-Healing Touch -Holistic Stress Management Instructor

Karen has lived in Las Vegas for almost 40 years. She has had the gift of “Knowing” since she was a child. She began her Spiritual Walk in her twenties in an effort to heal her own pain. This searching lead her to shamanism where she began her studies (and continues to study) under two pipe-carrying medicine women from Northern and Central California. The shamanic path she embarked upon helped her heal the trauma and pain of her past and allow a life of joy, beauty and the tools to handle whatever learning experience she finds herself in.

Karen also discovered Reiki in her healing process, loved the results and began studying to receive her certification as a Reiki Master and Teacher as well as Healing Touch under the tutelage of Delores Krieger, founder of Healing Touch.
Recently Karen has added Holistic Stress Management to her healing toolbox. Stress can cause an imbalance in our energy field which in the long term can affect our health and our outlook on life. All of the healing modalities she has learned can assist in reducing the effects of stress and promote healing body, mind and soul.

Karen believes every person is important and has a role to play in this Earth experience. We can lead lives filled with fun, joy, creativity and love. Let her share the teachings she has learned on her journey to assist you on yours.

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