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Kenzie Brown

Kenzie Brown, Emotional/Energy Coach.


  I have been a part of the spiritual community for some 30 years.  You may recognize my face from "The Night Of The Masters" where I play the quartz crystal singing bowls.  I am originally from Minneapolis, but have lived here in Vegas for 13 years.  I originally started out working with Debbie about 6 months after she first opened.  I have worked through the Center off and on during Debbie's journey and now I am returning to my beginnings here in Vegas. 

My business is called Hearts Of Opportunity, "Live the Life You Have Imagined".  My goal  for you is to awaken the treasures within you.  To teach and educate each of you to center yourselves by simplifying your life, and to assist your thoughts and feelings to work for your best and highest good.

My background started with the history of acupressure and chinese medicine.  Then I learned about Reflexology, but my true love became energy work, like Healing Touch.  When I moved to Vegas in 2010 I was exposed to The Emotion Code which became the missing link I had been searching for four years.  So what I am bringing to Enchanted Forest is a one hour session of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Chakra Balancing, Healing Touch, The Emotion Code, along with the sacred medicine of the crystal bowls.

I have spent my time here in Vegas creating ways to incorporate my abilities into a 'one-stop' session.  Everything is energy so I wanted to share as much as possible in one session that would benefit the client to their fullest.  Your session is about harmony and balance, soothing your senses, and allowing you to relax and renew.  IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU!  Restore your body to it's0 natural rhythm!  Each client is unique and therefore the session is tailored to YOU!

The last 2 years took me away from my passion and instead put me into survival mode.  I've been away too long and the spirit world is bringing me back to Enchanted Forest.  It's interesting how life can take you full circle.

I am offering sessions I call, "Medicine of Music and Energy". It's an hour-long combination of different modalities that will assist you in claiming your power along with the Medicine of Sound and your natural rhythm.  Lift your spirits, open your heart, and be transported beyond the physical and into the heart

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