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April Special

"Seraphim Blueprint"
$75 for 60 minutes


Sam Rodman

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Are you ready to look into your past, present and future? or connect with your departed loved ones? Sam specializes in love readings that include Soul-Contracts, Twin-Flames, Soulmates, Destined Partners, & Karmic Ties. She’s also channels Spirit Animals and connects to them in every session, which gives you insight into your character and path going forward. Sam does Spiritual Coaching Sessions for not just one person but for couples & family members to heal trauma and move forward from blocks and tribulations in connections. Using both her Psychic and Medium abilities she also takes in cold cases and missing person cases.

Psychic Sessions:

-In person or Over the Phone

-Love (soul contracts, twin-flames, soulmates, destined partnerships, karmic ties)

-Spirit Animals

-Spiritual Coaching

-Cold Cases (psychic detective work)

House Clearing:

-This consists of Smudging with Sage & Palo Santo then followed up with reiki.


-Emailed to clients within 24 hours

-Perfect Wedding Numbers: Your Personal Days/Months/Years, Pinnacles, Challenges, 5 most important numbers like your Life Path & Hearts Desire, Etc, followed by so many others. (65-80pages) Sam breaks it down for you on the perfect day you should get married, custom to you and your partners numbers.

-Relationship Compatibility: Goes over your strengths and weaknesses together by working with your personal numbers.

-Phone Number & Address: Ever wonder if your phone number is good for your business? Or if your home is good for having a family? Sam will be able to break that down as well!

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