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November Special

"Shamanic Reiki"
60 Minutes for $99


Selise Irvin

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Tarot, Oracle “angel reading”, Rune, and/or CharmCasting.

Cosmic alignment Divination Package:

In this package, Selise offer’s you all of her divination tools in one complex reading. Using Tarot, Oracle, Charm casting, Palm reading, Ribbon reading, and more. Multiple forms of divination are used to cast light on difficult situations that one technique alone may not Be able to achieve.

Tea Leaf reading:

A family tradition passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter, Selise comes from a long line of Irish Travelers who have read tea leaves for friends, family, and loved ones throughout the years. During Selise’s Readings, you can choose from a variety of ceremonial teas. While the tea drains, you will receive an oracle reading, followed by the enjoyment of a cup of tea as Selise completes your reading. You will feel like you are having a casual and insightful meeting with a close friend.

Spell Casting:

Spellcasting is a time-honored tradition passed down to Selise from her Grandmother. Each spell is made with thoughtful care, respect, and honor. No spells will be made for harm, Danger, or disrespect of anyone or anything.

  • 15-minute consultation via the phone or in-person to discuss needs and wishes
  • Uniquely created spell
  • Items needed for the spells' completion.
  • Most Auspicious day based on Astrology and Numerology
  • Video or live feed of ceremony being completed.

Numerology - Astrology:

A former calculus tutor of 12 years, Selise has always been drawn to numbers. A practicing numerologist for 14 years, she is truly passionate about Numerology and how understanding the numbers that make each of us up can help us live more fulfilling lives and understand ourselves just a little better.

  • Personality Profile
  • Yearly and Monthly forecast
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Big 3 Astrology report (Astrology)
  • Nine Year Numerology Forecast
  • Full Natal chart report (Astrology)
  • One-on-one walkthrough of the report and tutorial on how to read it, either in person or via phone/video chat.

Celtic Strings cord-cutting ceremony:

Freeing yourself from someone's energy is not always easy and may need some help. Selise uses her years of candle magic practice to create a custom cord-cutting ceremony for you. After a consultation, Selise will create anointed, and dressed candles based on the two parties involved. Then the true magic happens as each candle is burned until the rope tied between them is cut by the flame. You'll then receive an End of ceremony consultation, where Selise will go over the results of the ceremony.

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