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April Special

"Seraphim Blueprint"
$75 for 60 minutes


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is a very ancient technique practiced by our great ancestors throughout the world.

During a shamanic healing session inter-dimensional Spirits will supply answers through channeling information that is beneficial for the individual as the shaman does not have real physical teachers to instruct him/her in ordinary reality.

Spiritual revelation comes directly from the highest possible source and that is Spirit.

Shamanism is a disciplined way of getting knowledge for healing purposes because it incorporates a very intimate relationship with the Spirits through ritual, sacred herbs, stone people, drumming, channeled sacred chants that induce powerful healing, power animals, ancestral knowledge and the elements.

Shamanic healing assists in the following areas:Removal of Energetic Attachments: Hexes and Spells Works of Dark magic that creates poor health, sudden financial loss, unexplained confusion and deep depressive states that is accompanied by nervous break downs and losing interest in life.

Open blocked chakras and chakra alignment. Clearing and restoration of aura due to emotional trauma (rape, abortions, depression, heart break, psychological and physical abuse), psychic attacks and loss of loved ones.