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Sarah Spiritsooth


Sarah is an intuitive thing who thrives doing intuitive things. She began noticing spirits as a child, occasionally seeing and more often hearing entities in her home. As she got older, things got weirder, and she realized she might have some connections to the other side of the veil.

She began developing her skills in 2014 in Los Angeles; there she received prophetic dreams and met her spirit guides. This is when she began using her first tarot deck, which is still her main tool to this day. (This is also when she talked to cats and rescued them, argued with ghosts who threw her car keys, and remembered to thank the aliens who blew out AND relit her candles.)

Sarah's skills lie in clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Her main specialty is tarot and oracle reading, utilizing multiple decks at once, although she is also privy to psychometry and general intuitive reading. She is further developing her mediumship abilities, and dabbles in astrology and human design.

A reading with Sarah typically involves multiple streams of intuition, and the use of many tools- whatever needs to be discovered, and how. Readings generally affirm the present, provide insight to the future, and help the querent discover answers about themselves.

Sarah goes by Spiritsooth professionally, and can be found on Instragam under said moniker. She is also a skilled aerial acrobat and graphic visual artist.

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