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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package
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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package



With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Energy Medicine with Kenzi Brown

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60 minute session

Available by pre-booked pre paid appointment Tuesday's and Friday's 1:00pm-6:00pm and the third Sunday of every month 12:00pm-5:00pm

Your session will give you Chakra Balancing, Cranial Sacral Therapy, a clearing of your auric field by assisting areas that need to connect to your body, and this I'll do through The Emotion Code and Healing Touch. I will close your session with the Sacred Medicine of the Healing Sounds of the quartz crystal singing bowls. It is a time of coming into your 'true essence', reuniting your mind, body and soul. You'll reclaim your power and become that successful magnet in whatever direction you strive.

If you haven't experienced this combination before, maybe this is the time for you to choose to live freely, release your fears and worries, and create your own well-being. Learning self-love helps individuals to discover and master this process with the help of The Emotion Body Code. IT IS NEVER TO LATE....

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