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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package
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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package



With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Inbar Shahar Transformational Life Coach sessions

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Transform your Life -

3 Steps to Healing:

Inbar developed a simple 3-step formula to transform your Life

Step 1: Clarify your goals

In the first step, we get clear on where you are now versus where you want to be.
Point A -> Point B.

Step 2: Clear away the barriers to your success by targeting core emotions

In the second step we use a powerful and transformative technique called the Journey to clear any blocks that are holding you back from achieving your goal.

The Journey helps to get to the core of old wounds and uncover old traumas that are lodged in the cells and clear them up. These sessions are longer than the coaching sessions and can be extremely transformative.

Step 3: Work on achieving your goals

Together we work intensively to achieve your dreams.

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