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Megan Kathryn

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Hi, I'm Megan Kathryn I started stepping into my path of being of service to others by guiding them to see their experience on earth differently. My mission began with animal’s dogs specifically, I created The Zen Dog Life in hopes of Deepening the Spiritual connection between humans and their canine companions. We can learn the most from the animals in our lives as they live their truth every minute of the day, I consider them to be our greatest teachers of all.

After about a year of working specifically with Canines and their Caretakers I had a calling to expand my support to my fellow humans individually. I followed my intuition and continued to open my mind and heart to my light team. In doing this my relationship with the world and the universe became brighter and more powerful. The teachers continued to show up and I continued to expand and learn from their teachings.

I believe that Joy and Gratitude are choices. They are available to us every second of the day if we choose them. Living authentically is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the Universe.

Stepping into my higher purpose has brought me such happiness and joy. This path has been nothing but a path of heightened connectivity, vibrancy and passion. Coming from a background as a Creative professional, I embrace each session I offer as a gift and a way to be reconnected to your soul's ultimate purpose. I will be sharing with you the mindfulness techniques that I have been using for myself and continue to use to reach my higher purpose in my life. These are the tools that will lead you to living your truth.

Do you have a calling to understand yourself on a soul level? Do you want to feel more Joy in your daily life? I am here to support you on your journey.

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