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July Special 2024
FREE Crystal Stone CHAKRA Balance 

with a 60 or 90 Minute Usui Reiki Session

July 1st, 2024- July 31st, 2024

Purchase a 60 or 90 minute Usui Reiki session during the month of July, at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center and receive a Free Crystal Stone Chakra Balance with your session!!  This great special is a wonderful way to get your zen on! Take care of your mind-body-spirit alignment with an Usui Reiki session and enjoy a Free Crystal Stone Chakra Balance with it!


With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Mystic Selise

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Coming from a long line of Psychics, Selise taps into your energy allowing her to talk to your guides to get information, answers and point you in the right direction. She will receive information from her guides during this process as ell as direct downloads from the universe.

Tarot, Oracle “angel reading”, Rune, and/or Charm Casting.

Divination is the practice and art of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Over the last 18 years Selise has mastered her skills as a divination specialist using the tools passed down to her.

Tarot and Oracle readings includes using tarot cards from various decks.

Rune casting involves a set of Rune carved into stone or wood, the runes are carved using the ancient Norse alphabet. With this practice she can divine very specific answers from situations and questions.

Charm casting is much like Rune casting, but it involves charms and trinkets picked up along the years. A technique passed down from her grandmother who would read buttons and thimbles this Celtic form of reading will help you have a large look into your world.

Tea Leaf reading:

A family tradition passed down from Grandmother to Granddaughter, Selise comes from a long line of Irish Travelers who have read tea leaves for friends, family, and loved ones throughout the years. During Selise’s Readings, you can choose from a variety of ceremonial teas. While the tea drains, you will receive an oracle reading, followed by the enjoyment of a cup of tea as Selise completes your reading. You will feel like you are having a casual and insightful meeting with a close friend.

Palm Reading:

Using the Lines of your hands the fold of your palm and the rings on your fingers Selise can tap into the life you lived and things coming your way. She offers a quick 15 min reading to go over the major lines of your hand and a longer more In depth 30 minute reading that can access more information.

Numerology - Astrology:

A former calculus tutor of 12 years, Selise has always been drawn to numbers. A practicing numerologist for 14 years, she is truly passionate about Numerology and how understanding the numbers that make each of us up can help us live more fulfilling lives and understand ourselves just a little better.

  • Personality Profile
  • Yearly and Monthly forecast
  • Relationship Compatibility
  • Big 3 Astrology report (Astrology)
  • Nine Year Numerology Forecast
  • Full Natal chart report (Astrology)
  • One-on-one walkthrough of the report and tutorial on how to read it, either in person or via phone/video chat.

Reiki / Seraphim Healing and Psychic Reading

With this combination, You will receive the full benefits of a Reiki session and divination reading of your preference. The 30-min session consists of 15 Min of Reiki + Seraphim Blend and 15 Min of a reading, including any messages received while giving Reiki. The 60-Min session consists of 30 min of Reiki + Seraphim Blend and 30 Min of a reading, including any messages received while giving Reiki + Seraphim.

Spiritual Life Coaching

Selise has both accredited licenses for Spiritual coaching and Life coaching. With this, she combines both aspects and guides you to get back on your path. In the one session, she will go over where you are at currently and how to get on to your path. With the One month of coaching, she meets with you over the course of your month, guiding you with work sheets and resources for you to participate in.

  • One session $100
    • 60 min
  • One month of coaching $250
    • One 60 min session
    • Two 30 min check-in sessions
      • One mid-month
      • One end of month
    • Plus Guide books and Homework
      • Daily / weekly Gratitude Guide
      • Daily / weekly Affirmation Guide

Party / Group Rates

Group bookings within City of Las Vegas zoning

2 hour booking $300.00 (minimum 2 hour booking required)
Hourly rate after first 2 hours $130.00 per hour
Deposit $150.00
50 percent deposit required at time of booking
Balance due at close of event

No refunds on deposit if less than 48 hours notice is given-No exception

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