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Sisters of "LIGHT"-Energy Fusion January Healing Session Special

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Sisters of "LIGHT"-Energy Fusion Healing Session: January 2023 Special

75 minutes


Available by Appointment throughout the month of January 2023

(If paying on line please call to book the date and time at 702-948-4999)

In this beautiful trio of healing modalities, you will experience a blend of Crystal healing, Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint.

Crystals are the keepers of knowledge, wisdom, healing, union, consciousness, the divine, and so much more.

Combine their healing powers with that of Reiki and Seraphim Blueprint and you have a magnificent trio of sisters dancing in the light of energy itself.

You are one of a kind, your energy is unique, it's time to let it soar into new heights, and believe that you can.

Let these frequencies guide you onto a path of the spirit, to flow with the universe as one.

Reiki is an energy healing modality designed to enhance the healing process of the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical bodies.

Seraphim Blueprint is an advanced system of raising one's vibration and consciousness.

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