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"WEB" of your HEARTH-WEAVE the PATH!

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"WEB" of your HEARTH-WEAVE the PATH! : October Special

70 minute session
If paying on line, please call us afterward to book the date and time-Thank you- 702-948-4999

Does your energy feel scattered, or low, negative or out of balance? Do you feel you've lost direction, stuck on a path that seems to have become stagnant?

This session is designed to help you dive deep into the hearth of whom you are to help you weave the path back to you, back to center, back to wholeness.

Sometimes we simply get so caught up in the world around us we forget to take care of our own world, leaving old cobwebs of old wounds of the heart and soul that prevent us from seeing the light we are, and a brighter path.

This session will begin with salt of the earth placed on your healing bed and in your hands, a smudging ritual to clear away the negativity, to cleanse and clear your energy fields.

Then your lightworker will use a combination of energy work, crystals and instruments to go into the depths of your being to release stagnant energy, and restore balance.

Find your hearth- your center, your core, and miraculous things are possible!

Available October 1st to October 31st
Sessions must be paid for by October 31st, 2023 and redeemed/scheduled for no later than November 30th, 2023 for the special rates to apply.
Questions? Call 702-948-4999

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