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Greg Swanson


I am a former U.S. Marine and Army Soldier.  While I was in the Army I deployed Kuwait and would escort convoys into and out of Iraq.  A few years after I returned, my mental health started to decline.  I was in therapy for over 2 years at the VA.  During that time I was prescribed many different medications, none of which worked.  


My mental health continued to decline until I was introduced to Enchanted Forest Reiki Center by my wife.  It was here that I was introduced to Shamanism.  I came to the center as much as I could and not only found healing, but I also found my calling.


Eventually I became a Shamanic Practitioner and would assist other Shamans with their ceremonies and workshops, and would fill in when needed.  You may have seen me.


Being of Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian descent, I have a strong connection to the Sami people who have a long and proud history of Shamanism.  


Being a veteran I understand the stresses that service members and first responders have, as well as the mental effects of those occupations.  I can speak from my own experience that Shamanism can help you heal.  


I have struggled with mental health my entire life so I can relate to those that suffer with their own.


My experience with Shamanism has been Shamanic Journeying for healing, and connecting with transitioned loved ones, Shamanic Healings and Psychopomp.

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