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Sherri Williams

Holy Fire Reiki Master II/& Shamanic Practitioner

Hello my name is Sherri,

I am an Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master ll, Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, Certified Minister, and Passionate in Herbs.

I have become so passionate about energy work and natural healing modalities in the past 10 years, always have been but never pursued it until, my own health became very grave and critical ..

I’ve lived in Las Vegas over 40 years, worked the corporate world and seen the changes happen in this city and the Spiritual world as a whole. After becoming very ill with toxic overload on many levels I became very ill and bed ridden and beyond medical help. I knew for me this wasn’t the answer for my life, so I began the journey of following my heart to heal my body in a more natural way. This lead to become a student of herbs and a more natural approach to my health, this included listening to my body and the body’s needs.

That in turn lead to energy work so I became a Reiki Master of Usui/Holy Fire. After and during my Reiki training I realized I was ignoring and avoiding gifts I had since I was a small child, things in my life that I had been experiencing so I started in the Shamanic Practices and continue to this day.

My journey to heal myself has become a true passion that hopefully I can pass onto YOU.