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Travis Ludlow


From a young age, Travis had the gift of sensing and seeing entities from beyond the veil. Not knowing how to practice his gifts, Travis began his quest to understand life's deepest questions which lead to his spiritual awakening. In his first year, he devoted all of his time immersed in topics such as astrology, numerology, human design, quantum physics, causation, phonetics, and shamanism.


Through numerous shamanic journeys, he was able to answer many of his questions while seeing the connection between science and spirituality. He was able to accept his new reality and honor his gifts. Having a profound connection to Mother Earth and the elements, Travis is able to connect with these elements and the consciousness of Mother Earth for guidance in navigating the physical. As an amateur gemologist, he is skilled in recognizing the energy, consciousness, and properties of crystals and how they can be wonderful allies in navigating life.


Travis continues to study the connection between science and spirituality in addition to developing an interest in psychology and how it relates to the human experience. Travis enjoys teaching others what he has learned and continues to learn throughout his journey. 

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