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Yvette Machado

Certified Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Practitioner, Seraphim Blueprint, MCKS Pranic Healing, & Certified in Natural Holistic Remedies.

Yvette was born to unique parents who had the gifts of open minds, wise souls, and the gift to raise spiritually conscious children. She was raised with a natural spiritual awareness that she now passes down to her children and to the world. The heritage she carries is rich with the ancient Mayan wisdom instilled in the bloodline of her Father born in Guatemala. On her Mothers side; a bloodline flowing with the indigenous glory of the Amazon Rainforest forest in Ecuador. Beautiful places where healers, elders, medicine men/women, shamans and the divine healing from the earth elements are always present.

We are all born with certain gifts, some are just more apparent to us. Being able to feel, hear, and see energy were the gifts that Yvette noticed as a child.

She works daily to open up all her energetic senses to help bring light to the world incorporating the natural elements of Mother Earth to encourage holistic remedies.

Learning different energy modalities became her life’s mission in order to pick up tools to add to her spiritual toolbox. The goal is to be able to connect individuals with the Universal or God Source that resonates with them for their highest and best good. Being an energy worker has allowed her to fulfill her life’s work in becoming a conduit who encourages your body to self-heal with the same “magic” that created the body.

Specializing in a variety of different energetic & holistic approaches including; Reiki Treatments, Chakra Balancing, Energy Cleansing, Crystal Healing, Meditations, Angelically guided energetic techniques, and protection techniques for Empaths/ HSP’s.

Yvette’s background has guided her to work with people of all ages and especially feels called to help children grow in their paths of light. Being a mother of two led her to learn about her own spiritually gifted children, and she has been guided to work with Indigos, Starseeds, Crystal, Rainbow, and Diamond Children. These ”New Children” as they’re called, especially thrive with energy balance sessions & crystal healing.

She has helped a diverse group of people in her practice which has resulted in her eclectic approach, always working with light and love.

If you are searching for relaxation, energetic balance, optimal flow of your life force energy, book your session with Yvette at Enchanted Reiki Center.

Distant sessions available as well.

Se Habla Espanol

Yvette es una practicante de Reiki que cree todos nacemos con regalos del universo, algunos son más evidentes para nosotros. Poder sentir, oír y ver la energía fueron los regalos que Yvette notó cuando era niña. Ella trabaja todos los días para abrir todos sus sentidos energéticos para ayudar a traer luz al mundo. Otra herramienta que incorpora en su trabajo es trabajar con los elementos naturales para alentar los remedios holísticos.

Trabajando con la sistema de energía que todos tenemos le ha permitido cumplir con el trabajo de su vida. Llama nos hoy para para traer un balancia saludable a tu vida con secion de Reiki.