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Valeri Mclaughlin

Hi, I am Valeri Mclaughlin, originally from New Jersey.  My journey began at a young age, when I began to experience things that I did not understand. I was afraid of these experiences, and so I pushed them away and people who wanted to help me understand what I was going through. Fighting against the calling to connect with spirit, I endure many physical, emotional, and health challenges. 


Eventually, I reached a breaking point. Spirit continued to come through to me, urging me to wake up. Once I began to understand energy, my whole life shifted. I realized that I was in control, and I could change the energy within me and allow what energy I wished to come.

Through this journey I began to learn about Reiki and energy healing.  I began to connect with Spirit and understand the beauty of our spiritual gifts. 


Integrated all that I have learned and continue to learn into my practice and life. I help people to connect with and understand their own energy. Holding space to allow healing to come through, and empowering others to be their own powerful healers. I teach people to work with energy, connect to their higher selves, and bring their higher selves down into them, because you are both human and divine.


Valeri has integrated her gifts of energy healing, teaching, EnergyArt, and guidance from Angels and Ancestors to help bring balance to people's bodies, minds, and souls by connecting them to their hearts and divine love. She is a healer, spiritual guide, light language channel, teacher, and energy artist. She is proudly part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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