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Crystals & Stone Specimens

Debbie Ventures all around the country sourcing the best Quality and Highest grade of crystals form all over the world! The one's showcased here are the best of the best the valley has to offer.

All Crystals and Stone Specimens below are from our shop and available for purchase.

Green Obsidian Glass

Green Obsidian is a glass-like wonder that shimmers with the natural tones of Mother Earth. Like standard Black Obsidian, this variant is a form of volcanic glass. It develops when lava cools at a rapid rate and under intense pressure.

Many healers recommend Green Obsidian to those who are going through particularly hard times. Events like losing a loved one, significant life changes, and other impactful moments can leave lasting scars that take years to overcome. In those cases, the properties of this stone can promote healing while providing a nurturing touch.

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