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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package
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November Reiki Special!
Karuna Reiki and Gong


With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Aura Photos

Prism Package: Includes aura photo, chakra photo, and emailed report.

Rainbow Package: Includes aura photo, chakra photo, emailed report and mini reiki package.

Our aura camera takes a picture of you and captures an image of the aura colors around you on film. We then explain the meaning behind each of the colors that show up.
What is an Aura? The Aura Field is a radiance of the soul. You have several layers to this energy field around your body, and colors of the spectrum made up of light that are contained within it.
An Aura Photo can pick up light and color patterns in the layers of your energy field for you to actually be able to see in your aura photo, relating to your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Come see your true colors, and let them guide you to a better future.

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