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David Reed Watson

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In the serene journey of David Reed Watson, life unfolds as a delicate dance of healing energies, Reiki practice, and a profound connection to the unseen forces that shape our well-being. Born in Berkshires of Massachusetts, David's path first led him to the disciplined halls of the United States Marine Corps, laying the groundwork for a life dedicated to service and spiritual exploration.

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, David transitioned into the realm of coaching in the early 2000s, engaging deeply with Summit Education—an organization rooted in 'EST' (Erhard Seminar Training) principles, which adopted, in part, the Zen master approach. These coaching experiences became pivotal in shaping his understanding of personal development and set the stage for the transformative chapters that followed.

The turning point arrived in 2010 when David embraced the practice of Reiki, taking his first steps under the guidance of Laura Weston Willy at Spirit of Love in Salem, Massachusetts. Reiki Level I marked the initiation into a world of subtle energies, where healing flows through intention and touch—a practice that would become a cornerstone of David's spiritual odyssey.

The journey deepened in 2014 as David ascended to the role of a Reiki Master under the mentorship of Manya Byers Noonan, herself attuned by Dharmadevi at Reiki Blessings Academy.

Currently serving as a Reiki Master here at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, he shares the profound teachings of this ancient healing art. His commitment to the subtle energies that govern our well-being extends beyond Reiki alone.

Inspired by the enigmatic words of Nikola Tesla, "The keys to the Universe are in 3, 6, and 9," David explores modalities beyond the realms of traditional healing. Delving into music therapy, he is currently a student, learning how harmonies, chanting, and the healing power of 432Hz frequencies can resonate with the cosmic energies that surround us.

David Reed Watson, a guardian of healing frequencies, invites others to join him on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual resonance, and the boundless potential of the unseen energies that connect us all.

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