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Sat, Jan 11 | Enchanted Forest Reiki Center

#3rdEyeAlign with Paula Curtright

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#3rdEyeAlign with Paula Curtright

Time & Location

Jan 11, 2020, 3:00 PM
Enchanted Forest Reiki Center, 2280 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada 89146, USA

About The Event

Sat Jan 11th  3-4:30 pm  $30   Third eye?  Who am I?  I have a hunch and I will trust that a bunch!   Come  explore your third eye chakra and how it correlates to your pineal  gland and when that’s clear and open how your intuition is effortless!   Learn breath work techniques  Aromatherapy  Sound therapy  QiGong practices  And Meditate your way to an awakened pineal Gland     

How to activate the pineal gland 
  • Avoid Fluoride
  • Supplement your diet
  • Use essential oils
  • Sungaze
  • Meditate and chant
  • Collaborate with crystals


The third eye

You  get a hunch. You’re walking in the woods and you can choose between two  paths. Your instinct tells you to take the right path. Your phone is  ringing and you know who’s calling. You meet someone and your guts tell  you this person cannot be trusted. You see something move through the  room withouth a possible explanation. Intuition. All of these are things  that have to do with the third eyes. When you grow in the spiritual  process you will definitely come into contact with this. The more the  third eye opens, the more your intuition will grow. You can sometimes  already predict what’s going to happen before it actually takes place.  Let it happen! When you have to make decisions, it’s very well possible  that you see in a flash the way it should be. The third eye, let it be!   

Opening the third eye is a process

Opening  the third eye is a process. It can happen if you’re ready for it. You  feel a certain pressure on this spot. It will disappear. Months later it  happens again. It’s doesn’t open at once. It’s a process of trial and  error and can take quite a while. The third eye is located on your  forehead, between your eyebrows, but just a little bit higher. The  central point for your intuition, imagination and inner wisdom. We can’t  physically observe this spot as an eye. It’s an energetic eye. This  spot is connected with the pineal gland. When the pineal gland is  activated, the third eye opens….  

  • 3rd Eye Pineal

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