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Mon, Apr 25


Las Vegas


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Time & Location

Apr 25, 2022, 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Las Vegas, 2280 S Jones Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146, USA

About The Event

12:00pm-7:00pm (pre-booking recommended)

$45.00-$205.00 depending on which service and length of session selected.

Join Joel during his floor time. Floor days are the easiest way  to get a reading, because you know exactly which psychic is going to be  there, what time they will be there, and what services that specific  psychic provides. To guarantee yourself the time slot of your choosing,  call ahead to make sure it is still available, and let us know which  service you will be doing so that we can make sure you have enough time  with the practicioner to get what you'd like done. Below is a list of  services that Joel is currently offering with descriptions to help you  decide which is right for you.

*Tarot  card readings with Joel start of with Palo Santo being burned to set  the proper energy for the space and the reading. As this is happening  you will be allowed to look through Joel's assortments of decks and see  which deck is calling out to you. Joel will also provide an honest  breakdown of the different decks' personalities, and the types of  readings they provide. The deck can be swtiched at any point during the  reading for any reason, including just for fun, and as many times as you  like. From there Joel will answer the looming questions you have in  your life, bring the messages you need to hear, and let you know what is  coming your way in life.

*Tarot x  Numerology readings consist of calculating some of your core numbers in  numerology, and going over what they mean about you, your destiny,  lifepath, personality, passions, and where you are in your life right  now. From there, we will use your personal numerology to heighten the  reading; looking for your numbers in the cards, looking for patterns  between the cards and your chart, and putting it all together for a  completely unique tarot card reading. Doing this will provide further  clarity in the reading, and deeper understanding; showing us how that  specific card and spread relates to you and your lifepath.

*Psychic  Reiki is a unique service currently only offered at Enchanted Forest by  Joel. As Joel performs Reiki sessions he receives visions, messages,  and downloads from Spirit. He will take note of everything that comes  through, and everything that he picks up on intuitively. When the  healing session ends Joel sets the time aside to do a full psychic  consultation for you; relaying all of the messages from your spirit  guides, providing interpretation and understanding of the reiki session,  and sharing what attitudes and actions can be taken to deepen and  further your healing journey. These consultations usually last around  10-15 minutes, but may take longer depending on how long your session  is; the longer the session the more messages that will comes through.  Joel will make sure to end the reiki session with enough time to get  through your entire psychic consulation. Each client will have a full  set of Chakra Stones placed on them during the healing session, to  further boost the healing energies. Chakra Balancings can be done by  customer's request within any of the packages. For those who would like  to do a chakra check-up, this service is perfect for you, as Joel will  detail how each and every chakra performed, and what these chakras need  from you.

For those looking for a  more specialized experience, these sessions can be attuned and  customized to the energy of your choosing. If you are looking to heal  from childhood trauma, love life, career, past abuse, or anything else  just let Joel know and he will specifically dedicate the session to  healing and relaying messages on the subject with additional crystals  added in based on what it is that needs healing.

Joel  comes from a long line of energy practitioners on both sides of his  family tree. His mother is Deborah Veach, the owner of Enchanted Forest,  who herself came from a family of spiritual energy healers. His  father’s side also has a history of energy work and spirituality dating  back a minimum of 3 generations. Interactions with spirits, angels, and  other spiritual beings, entities, and creatures were an incredibly  regular part of his childhood. His parents encouraged these interactions  and taught him how to communicate and interact with these beings. By  the time he was in his early teens he was already doing work with  pendulums as well as regularly practicing energy work. In his mid-teens a  psychic told him that his destiny was to continue in his mother’s path,  especially as an energy worker and a healer, but that he would also  modernize and update some things.

Through  his teen years, and into his early adulthood Joel would occasionally  assist his mother with Enchanted Forest while also pursuing careers in a  few different fields of interest. Eventually, Joel moved overseas to  fully follow his dreams. But Joel realized his true passion was family  and spirituality. After a lot of introspection and soul-searching Joel  decided to return home, dive back into spirituality, and help his family  in every way he could, including helping his mother with Enchanted  Forest.

Joel has dedicated  himself to studying reiki, divination, practical kabbalah, shamanism,  and many other forms of energy work while working on his own psychic  gifts. His goal is to revive forgotten modalities and practices, as well  as create new ones by combining them so that he can not only heal and  help people as best as he possibly can, but to eventually help and heal  the world by sharing his knowledge and techniques with his students.


  • 30 min Tarot Joel Floor

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  • 60 min Tarot Joel Floor

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  • Psychic Reiki Joel 45 Floor

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  • Psychic Reiki Joel 75 minFloor

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  • Psyc Reiki Joel 105 min Floor

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  • 15 minute tarot Joel

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