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Jen Ashton

Jen Ashton

Clairvoyant / Channel 


Jen Ashton is a master life coach, channel and remote seer with an extraordinary gift of "clear vision" and the ability to connect with information from this world and beyond. As an activist for conscious change, she is impassioned to open our eyes and minds to the intrinsic knowledge within ourselves, as well as the wisdom of the Universe itself. 


Through modalities such as astral travel, remote viewing, empathy, mediumship and medical mediumship, Jen works with her clients to help heal and transform their lives on the deepest levels imaginable. Because her gift allows her to travel to the source of the information itself, she not only acts as a conduit for the messages that flow through her, but will also witness, experience and often feel that information on your behalf as well. 


While working with clients one-on-one, these gifts allow Jen to connect with the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies to unveil answers on a cellular and "soul-ular" level regarding self-love, relationships, health, career, life purpose and more. During these private sessions, she also works closely with you to identify root causes, anchor in the messages and create a plan for the practical application of each lesson so that you feel empowered as you begin your healing journey.


Group channeling events are a wonderful way to learn more about Jen and her gifts. Each class is themed and attendees are encouraged to participate in researching the respective topic together via questions and discussion. The intention of these study groups is to broaden our perspective and evolve our collective consciousness through a shared experience of exploration and discovery. 


Whether working with a client or hosting a group, it is Jen's intention to provide a safe space where each person feels seen, heard and welcomed with non-judgment, while also creating an environment that encourages each one of us to continually seek answers that leave us both in awe of ourselves and the world at large. 


*Jen works with individuals and couples who are ready to do deep, transformational work, as well as scientists, doctors and CEOs searching for answers. She also has experience working closely with law enforcement, victims and families of victims to help solve cases. 

Jen is available by appointment for in-person or remote sessions 7 days a week.

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