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John Farchione

John Farchione

Tarot Reader and Psychic Intuitive


The more we can calm and quiet the mind, the better we are able to hear and feel the constant whisperings of Spirit. A Tarot Reader for many years, John is able to interpret and channel messages from the cards with the assistance of spirit guides. His story with the Tarot began after delving deeper into meditation practices where he began to hear, feel, and see the constant urges of intuition.  For this reason, John began studying the Tarot and utilizing the cards as a tool, or pathway, to connect with Spirit and the Divine. Through study and years of self-readings, John gained the knowledge and confidence to begin offering readings to others. 


Beyond Tarot reading, John is the Owner of Vibe Yoga in Henderson, Las Vegas and has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 15 years. Whatever the medium, Yoga or Tarot, John is called to serve and hold space for others to see the divine light within themselves and the world around them. 


A reading is helpful for those that are experiencing a large amount of change in their lives or perhaps feeling stuck at a crossroads. A solution and support is always there, yet it may lie outside of our obvious realm of sight or consciousness. John believes the answers that we seek are already within us, the Tarot helps to bring what’s at the edge, or the periphery of our knowing, into focus so that we can move forward with clarity. 


“When you first hear a story being told...forget everything other than just the sheer experience of hearing the thing. You don’t have to think about how it relates to your life, you don’t have to psychologize it, you don’t have to do anything other than just bear witness to it. Because in chthonic dimensions, in other words, if a story lands immediately in your logic, if it immediately is neatly trimmed and makes perfect sense, it’s not really doing its work. Stories, old myths, do a kind of open heart surgery on you...Stories bring in what is at the edge of our vision not what is at the center. The remedy in a crisis always comes from the edge, not the center.” 


Martin Shaw, PhD, mythologist and myth teller. Emergence Magazine, 2018. 

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