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Years ago on facebook I saw a really impactful quote that read:

You only live once....then it crossed off the word live with the word die....and said NO- You only die once, you should live every day!

I never forgot it, it's been engrained in my head ever since, and every now and then I feel a need to share it.

You see after the holiday season ends, people tend to just fall back into the same old routines. Visiting or calling loved ones, going to gatherings, exchanging presents, it all seems to fizzle out, and work mode, survival mode creeps right back in.

But why is that? Why do we tend to just not treat every day like a holiday? Of course I understand it's not realistic to be spending money on gifts for everyone all the time, or big fancy meals, champagne etc., what I'm referring to doesn't have to do with that at all.

It is the reaching out, staying connected and doing fun things for yourself or with those you care about on a regular basis, that should never end. The treating each day of your life, as if it is the last day.

How different would you live life if you knew you weren't going to have tomorrow, and it wasn't because of health reasons, God just happened to stop by and let you know.

How quick do you think you'd be be on the phone saying I love you to those you care about, or going and being with someone whom meant a lot to you.

If you couldn't connect with anyone would you put on your favorite movie, and have a final laugh or cry, go for a walk and see the stars? Or would you just take the information and be angry withdraw from everyone, and be mad at God?

In reality every day you have a choice to treat it as your last and make the best of it, honor it, cherish it, and celebrate it. Don't wait for a holiday to treat each day as a holy holiday.

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