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Ray Veach


Shamanic & Energetic Practitioner

Ray was born with immense intuitive gifts he didn’t start fully exploring until his early 20’s. It was then Ray started getting involved in “internal” based Martial Art Styles such as Thai Chi Chuan, Pakua, Hsing Yi, and Chi Gun among others.

Ray’s experience with Shamanism began as a child largely due to his partial Native American heritage inspired by his grandmother, who was a full blooded Choctaw born on a reservation in Oklahoma.

Over the course of Ray’s life he has studied courses that have included Shamanic Journeying, Healing, Creativity, and Psychopomp work, in addition to his Chi Gun and Kung Fu training. Many styles of meditation, and the chakra system have been interwoven throughout his life studies as well.

Ray believes deeply in the power of energetic healing techniques as they allowed him to recover from life altering injuries not the least of which was a broken neck received in an auto accident.

Passing on his years of study to help another find their healing path is Ray’s ultimate desire.

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