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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package
Cherry Tree

April Special 2024

$99.00 For a 60 Min Session


Seraphim Blueprint is a beautiful energy healing modality connecting you to the light of the Seraphim Angels. During your session your practitioner will also place quartz crystals on you to help raise your energies

Spring is a wonderful time of year to let the season inspire you to new heights, clearing out the old and bringing in the new.


With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Joel Finkielsztein

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Usui Reiki II Plus Holy Fire Practitioner, Tarot Card Reader, and Psychic

(Speaks Conversational Spanish// Speaks Fluent Hebrew)

Joel comes from a long line of energy practitioners on both sides of his family tree. His mother is Deborah Veach, the owner of Enchanted Forest, who herself came from a family of spiritual energy healers. His father’s side also has a history of energy work and spirituality dating back a minimum of 3 generations. Interactions with spirits, angels, and other spiritual beings, entities, and creatures were an incredibly regular part of his childhood. His parents encouraged these interactions and taught him how to communicate and interact with these beings. By the time he was in his early teens he was already doing work with pendulums as well as regularly practicing energy work. In his mid-teens a psychic told him that his destiny was to continue in his mother’s path, especially as an energy worker and a healer, but that he would also modernize and update some things.

Through his teen years, and into his early adulthood Joel would occasionally assist his mother with Enchanted Forest while also pursuing careers in a few different fields of interest. Eventually, Joel moved overseas to fully follow his dreams. But Joel realized his true passion was family and spirituality. After a lot of introspection and soul-searching Joel decided to return home, dive back into spirituality, and help his family in every way he could, including helping his mother with Enchanted Forest.

Joel has dedicated himself to studying reiki, divination, practical kabbalah, shamanism, and many other forms of energy work while working on his own psychic gifts. His goal is to revive forgotten modalities and practices, as well as create new ones by combining them so that he can not only heal and help people as best as he possibly can, but to eventually help and heal the world by sharing his knowledge and techniques with his students.

*To book a Psychic reading with Joel please go to the "Psychic/Medium" Page under Services

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