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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package
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"SWEET SURRENDER"- Couples Tandem Reiki Package



With over 200+ Amazing Services and 40+ Practitioners, we will require you to contact us with your requested dates and times for your service! 

Private Sound Therapy Session

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One on one.

Karen Jones sound therapy is focused on each person's specific needs. She utilizes various forms of healing sounds during her sound sessions (tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, self-created sound, channeled vocals, healing music, and Access Consciousness verbal processing). The powerful combination of these tools assist clients with stress, depressions, anxiety, worry, PTSD, re-harmonize and balance bodies.

All of these tools are gentle, noninvasive, simple, and efficient.

Karen Jones has over 15 years experience with energy healing.

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