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April Azzolino

April Azzolino

International Spiritual Mentor/Educator with Wayshowers College, Certified Consulting Hypnotist, Angel Communication Coach, Intuitive Language Coach, Past Life/Life before Life/Future Life Explorations, Reiki Master


April Azzolino is a Certified International Spiritual Educator/Consultant with Wayshowers College. She has been teaching spiritual & psychic development since 2009. Her classes and mentoring consist of Past Lives/Life before Life/ Future Life, Angel Communication, Spiritual gifts (Psychic), living in two worlds at once, Spiritual Blockages, Balancing the Glandular System aka Chakras, Astro-Soul, and numerous spiritual self-development topics.


She has been written in Vol. #42 2021’ Breathe Magazine as a Spiritual Educator from Nevada on the Magic Number 7 about the 7 year cycles of the soul.


April's Specialities are:

*1on1 Spiritual Mentoring

*Past Life/Life before Life/Future Life Explorations

* Intuitive Language Coaching

*Hypnosis for Confidence, Anxiety, & Intuition

*Women's Empowerment

*Reiki Master/Access bars


April’s Spiritual Thrust this Lifetime is ‘Healing is My Way’

She looks forward to guiding you on your spiritual journey.

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